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  • Back to Aquaria?

    It is often said that being an Aquarist is a disease where there is no known cure. All my entries, exits and re-entries into the hobby seem to support that theory, at least where I am concerned.
    It has now been nearly 5 years for me without a tank. The reason it that in 2016, we moved to Iceland to create a tourism business - something Covid has now effectively wiped out for us
    We have therefore decided to go back home to Australia as soon as the borders open again.
    Plan is to settle just outside Bundaberg.
    For an old native plant and Rainbow fish enthusiast, that location obviously demands of me that I run an outdoor tank with native Queensland plants and some local Rainbows !
    Now the issue ... I have no idea how the market for equipment has changed during those last 5 years. Are there still active sales of second hand standard glass tanks? I gather technology has advanced choices for lighting but as I plan this to be an outside tank, I gather the sun will take care of that!
    Good to see all the old familiar names still here. It's almost like nothing has changed during the last 5 - 7 years
    Best regards from cold and dark Iceland

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    NO WAY !!!
    Welcome back to the world of spending money on glass boxes , sorry to hear the reason for the move back though.
    Tank are being sold secondhand as well as all the other bits and pieces.
    And lighting is very much LED now , a whole new world there....

    Read this very helpful thread on BSS .
    No pictures on your BSS advert? Then be prepared for it to be deleted ( read the rules )


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      The hardware market has really changed over the past 5 years. However, you can still buy used equipment. You can see the lighting options, because now there are a lot of them.


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