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I'm out until they get a new post button

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  • I'm out until they get a new post button

    As the title says, I'm out of here until they stick a new post button in. I can't deal with trying to find new posts, it just irritates me. For the mods or website owner, you can let me know when it's got a new post button and I will come back but not until then. This is just dumb. Later all.

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    I'm with you on this one Colin.

    The forum is useless now without the "what's new button". How do they expect us to find new posts/threads without a button showing us what's new.

    I brought it up with the website owner once he did the update but he didn't do anything about it. Also he hasn't been on the forum it seems in almost two months going by his profile page .. so he is not bothered to fix it since he doesn't use the forum.

    I wish we could just go back to the old forum before the update. At least that was a working forum and no one complained anything about it.

    Why change something that's not broken! Now look what we have
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      Has this forum been neglected due to lack of traffic or is there little traffic due to the forum being neglected? This forum was such a great resource for me before I took a break from aquariums a few years ago. I haven't found any good alternatives. Are there any good alternatives right now? What do we need to do to make AL great again?


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