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  • Where are the new posts?

    The old forum had a button for new posts and it would list all the new posts since your last visit. Is there one now and where is it?

    If there isn't one, how are we meant to find them, and can you put one in?

    ps. This section where we type needs to be bigger. Right now it sucks.

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    Hey Colin.

    Unfortunately this new update sucks. It removed the "what's new" button that made it so easy to find all the new comments and threads created.

    There is nothing of that sort anymore. You have to check yourself and really dig through things to find it.

    Graeme did mention there are things being worked on but so far nothing has happened and i am not sure they can bring the old what's new button back.

    This is how the forum used to look like with the "what's new" button in all it's glory.

    I honestly prefer it to the new style. I wish we could just go back to how it was.

    With the long time the forum was down due to the upgrade and now the lack of what's new button .. many people have left the forum. Which is sad to see.


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