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Need help trouble shooting Brine Shrimp Hatching

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  • Need help trouble shooting Brine Shrimp Hatching

    I am wanting to take the next step and get more serious into breeding but the biggest hurdle I am facing is being unable to hatch live BBS.

    I have a small 19L tank that i have drilled a 70mm hole in the top that fits a 600ml bottle. I heat this tank and submerge the bottle to maintain a temp of 26-27 and run a 13watt LED on it 24/7 and air tube to the bottom of the bottle. I use SAXA all-natural Rock salt (1TBL SP per 500ml) I place in 1/2 teaspoon of eggs.

    After 24 Hrs I do not notice a change in colour but after 36 Hrs the solution seems to be more viscous and a slight change in colour.

    When I turn off the air no eggs rise to the top and i see a pink/brown settle to the bottom. When i shine a light on the side of the bottle nothing moves towards it and i have seen no movement at all.

    After 4 attempts I strained the bottle and fed what i had strained to a batch of Rainbow fry and Imbellis fry.
    The BBS looked like white dots that did not move but the fry ate them and got nice red bellies but I fear I just fed them Brine shrimp eggs or the BBS dies straight after hatching.

    I have changed the airflow rate and slightly reduced the salinity with no luck and now I am stuck on what I should try to change.

    These are the eggs i am using
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    It's not usually tricky. I use 1 teaspoon of plain old iodine free cooking salt per litre t***ater. I believe the chlorine in t***ater is beneficial for hatching as it kills off some bacteria. I use a hobby brine shrimp hatchery. If you're in Sydney I can give you one and show you what to do. Ziss has also got a good device. I wouldn't worry too much about temps except >30C hatch rate drops off significantly. I have had good experience with ocean nutrition and a guy on ebay (aquabuy). I have also had some really lousy eggs. It's one of those things where you can try to do things too well but I ewould start with less salt.


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      Thanks for the reply.
      I'll try and halve my salt and see how I go.
      If they do hatch will i easily be able to see movement?

      Haven't been able to find anyone in AUS selling the Ziss Blender. There is one on E-Bay for $999.99 but that's a little steep and the one site I found it in Australia apparently is having issues and won't sell directly.


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        my way is to cut the bottom off a 2L softdrink bottle, and put an airline in thru the lid.
        Fill with water and 2 tble spoons of salt . I then add 1/2 tsp ( i prefer lots of small fresh bbs ) leave for atleast 24 hrs bubbling away.
        Check with a light to draw them to the bottom. ( eggs float ) , then use the airline to syphon out.
        Read this very helpful thread on BSS .
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          Your eggs are Decapsulated Brine Shrimp Eggs which means the shell has been burned off (with bleach or similar). I've never managed to them hatch either. Fry will eat them just as small round particles and in effect you're soaking them in salt water for 24 hours to soften them.

          Notice on the link you posted it says
          READY TO FEED * NO HATCHING * High Energy Food
          * NO HATCHING *

          Like you I thought they should hatch but... now I think the process of decapsulating them and then packaging them kills the eggs.... so I buy the regular eggs now.

          I think if you decapulate them yourself from shelled eggs and hatch them immediately they will hatch.. but packaged decapsulated eggs are just for sprinkling on the water surface as a fine energy rich food particle.
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            Good advice, Grubs! At least one of us is across the details. That brand has regular eggs which hatch well. Hatching those ready to eat shrimp eggs would be like hatching a chicken out of a hard boiled egg!


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              Ah no well that explains a lot. Need to read that fine print.


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                I use a 1 or 2 litre plastic bottle or container.
                Half fill it with salt water. I use sea water or get a hydrometer and make some salt water with the same salinity (salt level) as sea water.
                Dechlorinate the tap water if you make it up.
                Keep the temperature between 24-28C.

                Use 1/4 level teaspoon of dry brown brineshrimp eggs for 1-2 litres of salt water.
                Aerate the solution vigorously until the eggs hatch. The baby brineshrimp (called Nauplii) are orange. When you see orange in the container, reduce the aeration.
                After they hatch, remove the airstone and let the water settle for 5 minutes. Then use an eye dropper or similar to suck some of the orange nauplii out and feed them to the fish.
                Put the airstone back in and aerate.

                Make a new culture every 1-2 days and throw the old cultures out after a couple of days.

                Buy eggs that are kept in a fridge/ freezer because these last longer than those kept on shelves. Check the expiry date on the packaging. If eggs don't hatch after 3 days in salt water, they are probably stuffed and you should look for a different brand or newer packet of eggs.


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