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So im stuck inside for 4-5 weeks! busted my ankle!

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  • So im stuck inside for 4-5 weeks! busted my ankle!

    Ok so more tan likely none of you guys and gals know
    i have started riding mountain bikes the past 9 months or so
    to help with generla fitness and health, have been having an blast, entered an event last year! dead last!!! woohooo!

    had signed up to do a night time event and then whilst on a training ride 2 weeks ago today
    i come off at slow speed on some gravel
    and well screwed my ankle

    busted up some tendons!
    surgery was last tuesday,

    i wont give the gory pics just my super awesome boot!

    water changes are a bit of a challenge

    allready bored of tv, even got a ps4 and well its meh
    my 6 x 2 x 2.5

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    Need for speed on the PS4 and you are set for a while I say!!

    Sorry to hear about the off, hope the healing is quick! I know the feeling of a busted ankle having torn ligaments in the past... That TV will become more than just boring soon! haha.
    "The stuff I buy is a bit pricey however it is as dry as a nuns nasty" - BigDaddyAdo


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      netflix, iview, sbs catchup, kindle, barr report, TPT, podcasts (Skeptics guide to the universe, Be reasonable etc), wabikusa, Brian Cox, Conspiracy theories (flat earth is a good one), cars (Watching them go), Top Gear....


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        Buy a new tank? Make it a big one!!!


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          Hmmm, I've recently got back into mountain biking...


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            thanks all

            Originally posted by Panda View Post
            Buy a new tank? Make it a big one!!!

            i have a 6 x 2 x 2.5 ..... :P
            id say its pretty big allready!
            my 6 x 2 x 2.5



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              here's a suggestion: watch Carts of Darkness. it will make you want to go fast again, and it's enough to make anyone less likely to feel sorry for themselves.


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                heal up disco!


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                  Yea, I can understand that it's quite irritating. I am Gustavo Woltmann wanted to share my own experience. 4 years before, I went for the Ladakh trip with my friends and the same accident happened to me. I was also stuck like this. I generally watched a movie at that time to do good time pass.


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