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Buy,sell,swap Rules.

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  • Buy,sell,swap Rules.

    Buy,sell,swap Rules.


    Aquariumlife is not responsible nor liable for any advertisements posted in forums or any transactions resulting from said advertisements. Aquariumlife is only providing a place for members to offer or find goods or services and make no effort nor take any responsibility in ensuring the quality of the goods and services being offered. reserves the right to remove any advertisements that it deems to be unsuitable for whatever reasons without prior notice.

    • To help ensure that only our dedicated members participate, a minimum of 25 posts are required before being allowed to post in the forum. This includes offering anything in response to 'want to buy' posts. Maneuvering around this rule by making short, meaningless posts (post padding) will result in removal of your posts on this forum.
    • Threads in the BUY/SELL/SWAP forums must not contain links to threads posted in external, non Aquariumlife websites.
    • Members are not allowed to advertise on behalf of others/non members. BUY/SELL/SWAP forum is strictly for personal use only.
    • Any items posted in the BUY/SELL/SWAP forum are subject to the discretion of the Aquariumlife staff. By posting in this section you agree to that term. The BUY/SELL/SWAP forum at Aquariumlife exists to facilitate the exchange of plants, fish, and equipment between our participating members. These are users deemed to be active participants in the exchange and discussion of information on this forum pertaining to our hobby. If you plan on placing items for sale, be aware you are expected to be a participating member first!. If the staff feel a particular post or user does not follow the rules or the spirit of that forum, we reserve the right to edit or remove the thread and/or take action against the offender, who will get a private message explaining why.
    • All items should have a high-quality photo and/or positive identification of the item, preferably both. Posts with poor quality photos and/or lacking identification of the item may be removed
    • Descriptions should be as complete as possible. For example, include the number of stems per bunch, the volume of moss, or the size of the plant. Descriptions of growing conditions for sensitive or rare plants are always appreciated.
    • Dry goods and hardware should be described as completely as possible. Age, condition, and known defects should be noted.
    •“Make me an Offer” and “Auctions” are not allowed. Pricing and terms, including shipping method, should be clearly spelled out .TIP. Most items should fit in either a $7.70 or $10.90 Express Post Satchels. A slightly higher price for sending shrimps is acceptable
    • Threads that break the above rules will be deleted without notice

    Trader Subscription
    • Members who wish to sell a large number of goods on an ongoing basis are required to take out a Trader subscription to Aquarium Life.
    • Traders may not be owners or operators of a commercial business such as an aquarium shop or online retailer.
    • A Trader subscription will allow you to list up to 20 different items per month in a single thread and also gives you increased private message storage space.
    • The Trader subscription operates on a monthly basis and details can be found here on the paid subscriptions page.
    • These terms are subject to change and we welcome any comments or questions. If you are not sure if you qualify for trader status please ask or pm the admin or one of the moderators.

    Some Tips
    The following tips are strongly recommended.

    • State clearly in the title, if possible, the items in question. Obviously, if you have multiple items, you can't list them all in the title, but try to give a good idea of what you have for sale.
    • State how you preferred to be contacted and give relevant contact details.
    • State your preferred meeting times and locations, if possible. This will help people rule themselves out, if they feel they are unable to meet you at your preferred times or locations.
    • Once the transaction is confirmed or completed, thread starters are strongly encouraged to ask for the thread to be closed. This will signal to other members that the transaction has been completed and further enquiries will not be entertained.
    Read this very helpful thread on BSS .
    No pictures on your BSS advert? Then be prepared for it to be deleted ( read the rules )
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