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Anybody Designed a "Tank Blanket" yet?

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    The top will lose the most heat. Approx 70% I'm told. So insulating the top makes the most sense. Definitely glass lids to close the tank off. Bubble wrap will make a difference. Even clear plastic sheet if you can build in an air layer between the glass lid and plastic sheet.


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      I once used a foil space blanket wrapped around a 2 foot tank that I had on my patio over the winter. A hassle to install every night, but it worked. The key is to have enough air space, that can heat up.

      Below is my formula for keeping my garage warm over winter.

      Best thing you can do is improve your insulation, so that the heater doesn't come on all the time.My tanks are in my garage. I have done the following.

      1. Insulated my garage roof with batts.

      2. Installed a whirly bird and closable grilling the garage ceiling, as heat is just as bad to your fish as cold. Also we have the fridge in the garage and too much heat makes the fridge over work.

      3. I have insatlled bubble wrap style insulation on my garage panel door and then covered it in 30mm styrofoam. This makes for excellent insulation.

      4. I have insulated the 3 non viewing sides of all my tanks. I have used a foil with a foam backing and double sided tape. You could just use thin styrofoam for the same result.

      5. I have vents in the lower part of my garage that I can open in summer and close in winter.

      6. If you park your car in the garage that will help to keep the ambient temperature up in winter . Avoid bringing a hot car into a garage in summer, especially and insulated garage, until it has cooled down.

      7 I have our clothes dryer in the garage and that adds to keeping the ambient temperature up over winter when we have to use it on cold wet days.

      8. Tank placement is key. The more exposed upper tanks are for cold water species such as Rhads and blueeyes. And the tropicals are the tanks lower down the rack where the tanks are more insulated and retain more heat.

      9.The sides and back of my rack are covered in Styrofoam and core flute for extra insulation.

      10. Place fish racks if possible against an inside wall.

      11. have a covering on the floor of fish room, either carpet tiles or paint the floor. You would be amazed at how much heat is lost through bare concrete floors.

      12 have curtains or styrofoam over any windows or sliding doors as bare glass will bleed a lot of heat out of a room.

      13 buy a laser thermometer gun, to hunt for cold spots, and block all draughts.

      My fish area stays at a constant 23 degrees in winter and uses very little heat from heaters.

      All these changes also helps to keep the house warmer in winter and cooler in summer.It used to be the other way around .


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        Woah these tips are genuis! Has anyone looked at power bills to estimate savings?
        Also, is there any chance of getting some pics?


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