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    Originally posted by sugarglider View Post
    hey i'm new to planted tanks and im about to start a heavily planted 8x2x2. I was going to use your method in you previous thread 'Cheap Sand-based CO2 Generating Sub' and just notice you had changed it slightly in this thread (not using unwashed propogating sand etc) and was wondering why you changed it?
    What this guy said. Is this method better?


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      Sorry about the absence...

      Yes, I did change this slightly to see what the results would be, but tore it down after 7 months due to moving house. The reason for the change was that I realised that the silty sand was full of clay and that I therefore, didn't have to use expensive laterite. Just another budget saving idea from an old cheapskate
      Thanks for all the fish!


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        Hi 2Toned,

        This is a pretty lame question and I know its been asked a hundred times but i cant find any threads on it and I need to ask it before I commit to setting up my new tank and you are definitely the guy to ask!

        I want to use a dark substrate for aesthetic purposes and i was thinking of using a 3mm dark gravel as my top layer and separating it from your recipe with shade cloth so they dont get mixed up. Ive found in the past the shade cloth has holes big enough for the roots to penetrate. (I also am a cheapskate and didnt want to mix the gravel if i change my mind and redo the tank in the future, hence the shade cloth)

        Do you think 3mm will be ok for the plants roots to get a good hold and do you see any problems with using the shadecloth to separate the gravel?

        I will be planting chain sword, crypt (wendtii and Balansae), corkscrew val in the substrate with java fern common and NL and christmas moss on the driftwood.

        Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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          hi DTB
          i am just about to do my 500 L tank ,i am having blood and bone ,cat liter clay ,marble bits and river sand /river gravel combination.then i am going to put some certain fabric with holes about 2 mm on top ,got it from spotlight.then put fine river sand as final layer.
          i am hoping that the plant roots can penetrate the fabric.


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