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Algae and pH in my bathtub

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  • Algae and pH in my bathtub

    Hi all,

    I live in Brisbane and I've got a bathtub pond going with some minnows and danios happily breeding. But the green hair algae is firmly in charge. Also I use oh down to try to keep the pH natural but to my ph keeps going up.

    It does get a fair bit of Sun so limiting that with a shade cloth and more surface plants, and I do a water change of about 10% every week or two.
    Any advice otherwise? I had a couple of ramshorn snails but haven't seen them in a while, and a few pond snails, but I think I might need a now dedicated algae eater. I'd love shrimp but pretty sure the fish will annihilate them.

    Any advice?

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    The pH is probably going up due to the algae sucking out the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the water. CO2 is acidic and when plants get lots of light, they can use up all the CO2 and the pH can skyrocket. At night the opposite happens and the algae and plants release CO2 into the water and the pH can drop.

    Aeration usually helps and I would stop adding pH down because the fluctuating pH will do more damage than a pH that is constantly high.

    You should change more water when you do water changes. A 50-75% water change every week or two, will help dilute nutrients much more effectively than a 10% water change once a week.
    Make sure any new water is free of chlorine/ chloramine before it's added to the pond.


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      Bunnings have something for ponds that some people swear by. Supposedly natural based on barley extract or something like that.


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