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New to breeding and wondering about sales channels

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  • New to breeding and wondering about sales channels

    Hi All

    My name is Ben and i've been a Betta enthusiest for many many years.

    In my down time over the last few months while in between contracts i've been doing a heap of research on Betta breeding and would really like to give it a go.

    My main concern with the endeavour is the sheer volume of fry in each nesting. I am not a huge fan of culling so i'd like to know that when old enough, once my friends have reached critical mass I will be able to sell/off-load the remaining babies.

    I'm all over the emphasis on genetics and family lines etc. and i've been monitoring Aquabids and Fishchicks everyday so far managing to show restraint.

    I'm keen to hear what feedback established and other breeders have on this matter. Ideally it would be a great profit generating hobby.

    At the moment I have two dozen pre-juvinille HMPK from Thai show fish parents (Blue/Red dragon style) out of which i'm doing a sorority (really excited about this!) and will have a few very colourful males left over.

    I've also got an imported lavender delta i'd really like to breed, he is extremely energetic, young and very colourful, as well as a pure black and pure yellow crown tails from the pet shop at East Gardens.

    I'm separating the kids in the next couple of days as they boys are starting to get a bit rowdy in the tank and will have photos if anyone is interested in a peek.

    Thanks in advance for the comments.

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    This is a pic of my lavender guy he's a real cutie.


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      Welcome to the forum and nice lavender! I'm sure you could offload them to your lfs when they are old enough? I'm sure the quality you produce will be much nicer than a lot of the run of the mill blue and reds that they end up with.
      My 80cm Cube -


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        Thanks Zane
        I was wondering about how my lfs generally get their stock.
        I'm very close to buying a breeding pair of lavender HM dumbo's from Fishchicks to start my breeding with however the little guy above is VERY active i may be able to pair him with one of my HMPK girls from my sorority.
        It looks like a very rewarding hobby if you can get it right.


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          seeing as you live near me your best bet to sell them would be at either bc aquariums in matraville, at aquadisiac in surry hills or aqua pets in bondi. These are the only places i know around here who will be willing to buy them from you.


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            If your trying to keep or improve on fancy strains then you had better get used to culling. The better your eye becomes, the sooner you can cull to make more space/reduce food & time wastage.


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              If you're going to do this I'd suggest speaking to some shops BEFORE you breed. As you said they do produce large numbers of fry, and do due to the obvious issues with housing bettas safely in numbers you could easily be stuck with a large amount which would require culling or cost you a lot of time, effort and $$$ to house.

              Remember that among hobbyists, most people don't know much about bettas and just buy whatever they see to keep in a 1L cube. Remember that some pet shops may still want to buy there fish very cheap as they get them low cost from suppliers so don't expect it to turn a huge profit. The best way is to go in just for the love of breeding and if it does turn a profit then that's a bonus. You need a HUGE set up to make genuine profit from fish, especially Bettas.

              I'd love to see the black and yellow fish you have too, the more photos the better!


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                I'll try and upload some photos of Showers and Jet for you in the next few days. They're both from East Gardens but definitely different parents. I've found that Peta (yes that is the managers name) always has a good variety of the standard veil & crown tails. I'm not sure selling half moon or delta's is really something she is big for. I did have a look at aquadisiac last week and he does have all the range so he might be a good place to start.

                A question about culling then, at what age and how many would you expect to cull from each batch of fry? … as an example, say i managed to successfully raise approximately 200 fry to week 2 what kind of cull would i be looking at?

                Thanks again guys this is all really invaluable info for me to digest.


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