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Betta defect

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  • Betta defect

    Hi everyone

    My girlfriend and I have this betta and it can't close it's mouth due to it jaw not lining up it looks like it has lock jaw is there anyway we can help or fix it and would he be in any pain

    If he is in pain and unable to fix him should I cull him I only want this as a last resort

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    Do you know what caused it? Can it eat?

    If it can't eat it will die slowly and euthenasia is probably kinder.

    If it can eat, and it was simply born like that, its probably ok.


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      He still eating heaps

      He also has clamped fins I have tryed meds and salt which did not work could the clamped fin be coz he is in pain

      He is in a 15 ltr tank with a heater and filter he does not swim around much but he also try's to build a bubble nest but with no luck

      Thanks Aaron


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        The fins are concerning, i wonder what his quality of life is.

        If he is nesting I doubt there is a pain concern. If he wasn't feeling well he wouldn't be nesting.


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          I'll keep trying thing to try and fix the clamped fins and hope I can fix it I'm not sure what else to do


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            Could you put a picture of the fish & one of the tank up?

            What are the readings for your tank - pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate? Is the fish by itself or with others?
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