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  • New betta breeder

    Hi everyone my name is Aaron.i am new to fish keeping and really want to get into breeding bettas and I would like to hear from other betta breeders for advice and possibly trade stock.any help would be much appreciated

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    Gday mate, welcome!

    What kind of Bettas are you breeding? What's your setup look like?
    Plenty of Betta keepers and breeders on here both Betta Splendens and wild type.
    One of the sponsors also sells some amazing looking Bettas, look for Fishchick Aquatics.
    Chris -my tank


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      Hi mr c265 at the moment I don't have much as for a setup.i was hoping to get advice on setups what works and what doesn't and I have seen fish chicks name come up heaps also had a look at here stock and would love to buy some one day soon.i have a orange crowntail male blue veiltail male and veiltail female.


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        Are you planning on breeding for sale/trading or just for the experience?

        If you are really serious about the whole breeding, youll need a sectioned tank for the males, you can do a planted tank for all the females together and bare bottomed tanks for the fry to grow out in.
        If you just want the experience, only really need a planted tank and a sectioned holding tank for the males.

        Most breeders suggest 2 females per male to reduce aggression if you are keeping them together.

        It'd be handy to learn how to culture infusoria and daphnia to feed the growing fry as well, you should be able to find information on that here.
        Chris -my tank


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