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Male betta not picking eggs up

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  • Male betta not picking eggs up

    So this is my first time trying to breed bettas.and the male is not picking any eggs up at all not one can any one help me pls

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    Are the breeding conditions right?

    What sort of set up do you have?

    Do you have live food for the fry to eat? Do you have a variety of live foods? (you really need these in advance before you start to breed them or else you will end up starving your fry from day 1)
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      I have a 50 liter tank with heater filter sponge filter as well feed both of them dried bloodworms betta pellets and flake food for three weeks.the male was more interested in his bubblenest so the female aborted her eggs last night


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        Not sure what to do the female did not abort all her eggs.she looks like she wants to spawn with the male again should I try again or just rest her for a few weeks.


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          I mean, once you get fry, do you have something to feed the fry with? Ie green water, micro worms, vinegar eels etc.

          You need to get this first before you start to breed.

          Betta fry only really take to eating live micro food. Otherwise you are going to starve them to death. Also, you need a variety. Otherwise your fry are going to be deformed.

          Also, breeders normally condition the adult bettas with live foods such as blackworms and tubifex worms.

          Breeding bettas is very easy compared to the effort it takes to raising the fry.

          Make sure you do your homework FIRST before breeding.

          Check out this website for more info on proper care of fry and breeding:


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            Sorry it took so long to reply.i was not aware you needed to feed live foods for the fry so it was a good thing the male didn't pick the eggs up now I got time to prepare live foods for the so how long have you been breeding these fish?


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