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OZFISHBIDS ( fish auctions in Australia )

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    Hi Dave, i have finally joined

    Would like to see more people selling on there

    Btw the site looks great


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      Thanks for the encouragement Stephen
      I have added a Magazine/ Books categories guys as I am planning to put the vast array of aquarium books and magazines up on the site.
      Thanks again


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        I have just joined too...I would of joined early to be in the running for the 500 but I have only just noticed this thread it was tucked out the way..look forward to the site growing
        You know Rehab is for quitters!!


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          Hey again all.
          Well it's been a busy few weeks.
          I have been busy building up my fish room. In the end there will be 150+ tanks and containers specialising in killies, rainbows and bettas.

          The site is going on from strength to strength.
          We are consistently hitting around 2500 hits per day now and have grown to 115 registered users.
          There is approximately $500 worth of fish/ accessories/ shrimps and etc that has been traded thus far with the site.

          If you have not joined then I would encourage you to join and get $5 credit towards any final value fees incurred on the site.
          Also if you have joined I do encourage you to try out the site.

          Anyways looking forward to seeing more interesting items up... I know I will be putting more stuff on very soon.

          Thanks again


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            Can't speak for everyone David, but for me its a case of:
            1) Little or nothing to sell; and
            2) Divided loyaltiies as I feel I should try here first.

            I am sure it will pick up speed...just hang in there



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              Hi All

              Just a quick update

              We now have 129 registered members in the site.
              There is about $1500 worth of trades on the site already
              Currently 32 auctions/ buy now is listed on the site.
              Also I have noticed a few international sellers has listed items on the site. Which might interest some of you betta and wild betta collectors..


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                Hi All
                Sorry for being so quiet.
                I've just been busy for the last 2 months to get the fish room up and going and also working with suppliers and suppliers from other countries to get more quality stuff on the site.

                To date we have got about 2-3 retailers on the site and looking to get a few authors and a few overseas backyard breeders on the site.

                Hopefully in the next coming months I will be able to assist these suppliers and it should boast at the end 1000+ goods, 300+ species of fish and inverts, 100+ species of plants, 20+ types of services.

                There is exciting times ahead and also busy prepping up for winter

                Oh the last stats is:
                136 registered members
                $2k of transactions has occurred.

                Also there are no listing or final value fees, so it's absolutely free for everybody.

                And most importantly no google advertising


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                  Hi Gang
                  Just to let you know that one of my good friends and what I consider the father of ornamental fish keeping has advised me that his book is on the ozfishybids site.

                  If you have not read this book and want to know the tricks of the trade then you don't know what you are missing. I have practically used this book to build my fish room and my system. I highly recommend it!!!


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