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salt in guppy tank?

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  • salt in guppy tank?

    Hello everyone, could someone please tell me if salt is necessary for a guppy tank and if recommended at what amount should salt be added. I have a 40 liter tank? thank you

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    No salt is required in a guppy tank. Mine are happy, healthy and breeding like rabbits in fresh water.


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      I have kept guppies in tanks with salt and without salt. Agreed, salt is not required to keep guppies - BUT I personally found that the guppies in tanks wich contained salt did a lot better, bred better, and lived longer than those in just fresh water (Just my experience )

      Guppies like a high PH in their water. A couple of ways to achieve that without salt are:

      1. Add "white rock" or limestone to their aquarium,

      2. Use black gravel

      Hope this helps


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        If you are a ornamental fish keeper.....don't worry

        If you believe you are a hobbyist ......add a couple to teaspoons of salt....(live bearers like water with high conductivity)

        With some.... near enough is Good enough but it only takes a little more effort to understand the ideal conditions for a particular species of fish and provide it....

        Personally I've found it a lot more rewarding to make the effort....
        all fish show better colours and are more active in the right water
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          It seems Sydney water has a ph at around 7.7-7.8 which is ideal for guppys. Is there a formula or a general rule has to how many guppys should be kept in a tank i.e 2 guppies per 10 liters to minimize an occurrence of a deadly ammonia spike?


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