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  • Immersed Crypt Growing

    As you may know I have just started with Crypts and would like them to be grown immersed. I have found some great advice on the soils to use, some
    people talk about mist systems with there set ups but I am a little confused I researched that a high PSI pump had to be over 100-150 PSI but some people are using Pumps under that. I plan on using one mister per tank. so that will eventualy be six three foot tanks

    So my question is: Do I need to mist the crypts if they are in tanks with cover glass covers?
    Can I use a smaller pump if there will be only six misters?

    What type of pump would any one suggest?. It will be used as a dual purpose to also empty my big tanks and the IBC container, ( I would like to do it on the cheep then spend what I save on more crypts )

    Thank you all in advance

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    There's a guy called Justin Grimm on YouTube that does some stunning vivarium builds on his channel. One of them is called Peninsular and he goes into detail in setting up misters and foggers out of a sump. Should help I think.



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      Thanks Tim, I will be right onto that one. I orderd a pump today even if it dose not power the misters then at least I can use it for my water changes which will cut down on time and carrying buckets.


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        I think if you are using tanks with the cover glasses are on then you wont need misters... unless it gets too hot and you want to remove the coverglass and let evaporation and some misting keep them cooler.

        Misting with the coverglass on might make the environment too wet and then you'll be dealing with algae, fungi and mould.


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          Thanks Mundi
          That was a great vid. I got some links to Crypt blogs as well which have been very helpful. Thanks for the plants I got from you they are doing realy well

          Thanks Grub
          I have one tank covered and the other no cover. The one with no cover is doing the best all the crypts are growing great but the one fully covered is not so flash. The fish room gets very humid any way so I should have taken that in to account. I will use the pump ( Singflo 12V, 4.0LPM, 80PSI ) to power a mister when I get the glass house back up and running.

          I have C. wendtii, C lucens and another crypt that's leaf twists around ( Have to get the name from Graeme) they all melted and now have leaves coming up deep green I also put in some Rotalia colourata and Belem, the rotalia melted but is coming through with colour from the start, The Belem never melted but it has just gone a deeper green.
          I have C Becketii in a small tank and will put a few of the pups in to the emersed tank this week. I will put the green house up before getting any more so that they can have a specific place to live and not be moved much. Then I will be on the hunt for more. Thank you to all who have helped
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