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Propagating Crypts Through Spathe

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  • Propagating Crypts Through Spathe

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if it is possible to propagate crypts through flowers/ spathes and how it would be done. I have tried to search on the internet how it might be done but haven`t been successful.

    Thanks for any help, it is greatly appreciated,


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    You would have to grow the Crypts emerse to get at the spadix.You will see the pollen matures from the base up.The pollen is actually ripe and granulated around 9am.This is when you gently rub the spadix from bottom to top ,to move the pollen up to the stigmas,which coincidentally are receptive to pollen at this time.
    Repeat this until no more pollen is produced.Within a short time,you will see the seed pods developing as lumps on the spadix.When the seed is mature,the pods will darken,soften and easily come free with gentle rubbing.They should be planted asap into a sterile seed raising mix which is thoroughly moist.Cover the whole tray with glass or Glad wrap and keep around 26-28C until germination.


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      Wow!! Thanks, hopefully I can get one to flower!! Well so far I only have one lonely Crypts Willisii but you never know!!! So you "cut" it open, do what you said, all leaving it on the plant?? Also how long does it produce pollen for??

      Thanks again, Dan.


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