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Crypt crispatula group comparison

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  • Crypt crispatula group comparison

    I have converted the BBQ aquarium (6 x 2 x 2) to a bare bottom tank with several pots planted with all the variants of Crypt crispatula and similar plants I can find. I have followed the general thinking that they need an alkaline substrate and hard alkaline water.

    Water quality management
    The water directly from the bore here (well for those not from the country) is very soft and slightly acidic. Starting water is KH 20 ppm, GH 20 ppm, pH 6.37, Temp 28.7 deg C and zero dissolved oxygen. Not suitable for most crypts.

    I put 2 litres of dolomite lime in a 5 litre jug mixed it with water and each time it goes almost clear I decant the water into the aquarium, have been doing this since 8/10/09. The water quality in the tank is temp - 27.9 deg C, KH 130 ppm, GH 90 ppm, pH 8.52. I have another CO2 tank and a small reg so the CO2 will be added to help keep the pH to about 7.5 with the harder water. To try to keep the pH much lower will stress the fish.

    Plant Culture
    Potting mix in the 6 inch squat pots (designed for orchids) is 1 part each of shell grit, marble chips, weathered cow poo, river sand and local lateritic soil. The fertilisers will be dino pee, dino dung and some glut (dino spit) as a carbon supplement.

    Crypt names
    well what can I say. I pin my hopes on DNA technology. The list of crypts from "The Crypt Pages" from Jan Bastmeijer.

    The C.crispatula list is
    C. crispatula var. balansae
    C. crispatula var. crispatula
    C. crispatula var. flaccidifolia
    C. crispatula var. sinensis
    C. crispatula var. tonkinensis

    Also considered are C. spiralis, C. retrospiralis, C. aponogetifolia, C. usteriana because they all seem to be confused with each other.

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    The water is stained dark from the weathered cow poo. There are 5 NEC Triphosphor 5000k standard 4 ft flouro tubes for lighting. CO2 will be added soon, mainly to lower the pH a little.



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      Interesting project Dave. It will be interesting to compare them side by side.
      If it swims it's good, if it's Sahul it's better!


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        will be interesting to see how they go.

        would you like some eco complete to try in a pot or two? i have some sitting in a bucket if you'd like to try a bit.

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          Excellent experiment, it will be great to see all varieties growing together under the same conditions, something rarely documented.


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            add CO2 pH control

            It is rough, done quickly, there is a small CO2 valve from Aquascape Design.
   The bubble counter is two 10ml syringes taped together then taped to the tank.

            It is on an Air Liquide 22kg bottle, at one bubble a second, approximately, it will probably take over 6 months to use all the CO2 in the bottle.

            The bubbles hit the impeller of the small powerhead and are shattered into a mist. I'll keep an eye on the fish and check the pH later today, the target is around 7.5. The water has cleared a little but is still tea coloured.

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              Hey Dave, 4 months or so into this experiment, any chance of an update?


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