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    Looking for some emerse-grown crypts of a few different varieties to try in a semi-shaded outdoor emerse setup. The substrate is lightly-used eco-complete, so crypts that prefer a hard, alkaline substrate would be better. If anyone can hook me up, let me know! Happy to trade for anything I've got, let me know what you're after. Also, if anyone has any hints and tips about this sort of experiment, please share! I've never grown anything emerse on purpose before, so this is all new and exciting

    48x14x18", 200L - community planted | 50x50x50cm, 125L - south american | 33x12x16", 100L - community planted | 15L, betta

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    i think most of aquagreen's crypt are grown emergent these days?
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      Hi Katy
      All the potted Crypts and Anubias [etc] from Pisces are grown Emerse.
      Just decide which plants you want and ask Ryan to order them for you.
      Pick them up on the day they arrive.
      Best not to allow them to be submersed as they will deteriorate daily.
      Regardless of their original habitat,almost all Crypts will grow in alkaline substrates.
      Most that develop long,wavy leaves MUST have an alkaline substrate.
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        If I was starting over I wouldn't necessarily be chasing emersed grown crypts as my first preference. Emersed grown crypts may be easier to acclimatise to a new emersed state but it's not guaranteed that they will. If it were me I'd be putting my hand up for mature plants regardless of where they have been grown. Only mature plants will flower, if I were to send you some immature emersed grown plants you may have to wait a year before they are even capable of flowering. One thing you should look for are Cathaphyls;
        That picture will show you what they look like. Only mature plants grow these, but like all things crypt, they don't always grow them. If you get a mature plant and acclimatise it to emersed conditions without a big melt you could get a flower in 6 weeks. Although it is not that common, but it happens.

        Start having a look at the crypts you have now for Cathaphyls, or if anyone is offering crypts from an aquarium have a look for these. They would be my first preference.


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          I have some submerse Crypt Wendtii that have the cathaphylls Brian mentioned. They're taking up space in my grow out tank so you are welcome to them if you want them.

          Let me know.
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            thanks heaps of that, brian - i'll have a look at my crypts. some individuals i've had for 3 or more years now, so i'm sure they'll do the job.

            saundo - i'll let you know if i can't find a good sample from my crypts, thanks for the offer

            48x14x18", 200L - community planted | 50x50x50cm, 125L - south american | 33x12x16", 100L - community planted | 15L, betta


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              I've grown aroids for 25yrs and have never found the plant had to be mature to flower.
              Even a 6mth old seedling will flower and the only difference is that an older plant will produce a larger flower.
              I guess it depends on the result you are looking for,but a 'good looking' emersed tank would best be started with emerse grown plants.
              This will give you a quicker,cleaner result.
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                Hello Katy,

                You asked for a tip.

                I have a metal leaf that has a mercury switch in it. As the metal leaf dries out it loses weight and rises up. Then the mercury runs down onto the points and the solenoid valve holding back the water opens up watering the plants from the mister. It is in the open so we have little trouble with fungal attacks. It still happens though, when the plants get the first sign of a fungus I put them into a pond.

                The gadget came from Sage Horticulture in Melbourne.



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