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Flowering Crypts / cryptocoryne inflorescence

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  • Sometimes even with flowers you can have no idea what's going on! This plant has confused SW and NJ - two of the most knowledgeable crypt experts - for about a month and going. They couldn't work out if it was C. moehlmannii, C. auriculata or something else. Maybe even a hybrid? It was anyone's guess! For a while it looked more like C. auriculata to them and as it wasn't C. yujii like I was told it was when I traded for it we thought that C. cf. auriculata was probably the best label it could have. Now NJ has decided on C. moehlmannii but with an unusual leaf. SW is still sticking with C. auriculata after briefly thinking "C. huluensis" was probable. I think I will need to send a flowering plant to Niels to test pollen fertility (to work out if it is of hybrid origin) and chromosome counts (to narrow down which species fits with whichever chromosome number this plant turns out to have). The chromosome number will give the answer as to which species the plant is as 2n=30 will point to C. moehlmannii and 2n=34 to C. auriculata.

    Here is a pic of the leaf...

    And brighter so you can see the inside of the collar/throat...

    Some microscope pics didn't even help that much...

    And here are another few misc photos from a while back I didn't get around to posting...

    Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae

    Cryptocoryne crispatula var. kubotae ("C. tonkinensis")

    Cryptocoryne cordata var. siamensis "Rosanervig"
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    • Oh no, it's getting tricky now...

      C. albida "Costata" from a different accession to our other plant. Dotting to the limb is in much less of a linear pattern and the limb does not twist as much. The curl of the limb may come with age, so it's probably not too diagnostic, but the spread out and non-linear dotting to the limb is definitely making me think these two "Costata" are different.
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      • Is it a crypt or a Lagenandra? Some people call it a missing link between the two - it's Lagenandra keralensis and shares features (not visible in this pic) of both crypts and Lagenandra.
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