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    Hi Guys,

    this is Heiko Bleher and I just wonder how many of you know, that I was actually born into a (the pioneer) Aquarium Plant family. My grandfather, Adolf Kiel, thought (1887) that a goldfish bowl without a plant - waterplant - in it is very sad and no one at the time had thought of any aquatic vegetation and he went out collecting and opened up a (the first ever) aquatic plany nursery. At the turn of the century (1900) he had 32 green houses with aquarium plant cultures (and fishes) selling and exporting all over the world - it was the largest around the globe...

    But he was a very humble person and never made a fuss out of it, in my book Bleher's Discus volume 1, I wrote about him and have given some of the early plants lists. (And fishes.).

    My mother, who stepped into his footstep wrote a nice book about her (aquatic/aquarium plant)life, which I just published:
    Iténez - River of Hope
    It is a beautiful pocket book (very cheap) and a must for every aquarium-plant enthusiast.

    And maybe for the plant-lover and docoration (aquascape)guys, have a look at my website under Bleher's Biotope and you will see some interesting aquarium plants, or the nice Cryptocoryne cf. affinis creek I found on the Malay peninsula last October:

    or the Echinodorus revison at

    All the best you guys,


    Heiko Bleher

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    Hello Heiko and thanks for sharing that, the report on you visit to Malaysia is very interesting.

    I greatly enjoyed reading your Volume 1 Discus book (or should I say Amazon book!) and look forward to the next. I hope you bring copies of Iténez - River of Hope to the ANGFA convention.



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      Hello Heiko

      I tried to register on the website but they refuse to recognise my email address ([email protected])


      Bruce Hansen

      (BTW I have relocated to just south of Cairns, a couple of years ago, and will catch up with you at the ANGFA Convention in Sydney)


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        Expeditions on website

        wow, i could look at these forever, they need to build this into foxtel, i'm sure many of us would be happy


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          Hi Guys,

          thank you for the comments, which I just saw now. (Should get a mail...)

          Brue, sorry I probably wont see you after all, because of several reasons.
          1. Never received the invitation;
          2. I had planed to also do a trip into Rose river and others in Arnhem land, but the guy dave had suggersted never answered back and dave is busy;
          3. The world crises is also hitting us, I have accepted to give 55 Lectures & Seminars this year (never as many before - and each one a different one), but every one is paying me, and my expenses. So I have to place priority on those - unfortunately, although I thing stll ANGFA is one of the best world-wide...
          4. I have an invitation instead to collect and talk in Iran, so will be there from September 2nd-12th and September 14-20 I am judging and giving lectures in Prague and than in Germany.
          5. I have a very large New Guinea Expedition in October and two Amazon expeditions in November December, which also must prepare...and in between still these missing lectures for the rest of the year (in Vienna, Shanghai, Manila, Hong Kong, Duisburg, Barcelona, Los Angeles, etc.).

          Sorrty but for sure in 2011, if the invitation comes...


          PS: besides you know maybe that I was down under in Western Australia in June, see my trip I made, to the south western part, the visdo Natasha made and the 8th Indo-Pacific Fish Conference in Fremantle and the Perth Botanical garden, lots on my site...

          PS": But you greet everyone and give them a big hug...


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