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Soil mixes for Crypts.

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  • Soil mixes for Crypts.

    Has anyone got any ideas or access to information on a good soil mix to grow crypts. I think some types prefer different mixes to others. Any help appreciated.


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    Hi Dave,

    Do you have contact with Lance Smith? he has a good one. If you don't Doc has his contact.

    Regards Bob


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      Hi Dave,
      There is good info on The Crypt Pages and also The Aquatic Gardeners Association.
      Kasselmanns book Aquarium Plants is also great since she has observed them in the wild and has some great info.
      When growing in pots,I simply use Debco Pot Power [from nurseries] covered in sand.
      Cryptocorynes are gross feeders and they grow best in a well circulated bed of rich substrate.
      It's worth mentioning that a few species grow best in alkaline conditions.
      C aponogetiifolia and C c balansae are two that come to mind.


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        Hi Dave

        I have posted some useful websites in ACS (Yahoo group). Try looking at the "Cultivation" area in any of this website. It will give you the answer you are looking for.

        The best place to look for information about crypt cultivation is normally found in websites created by crypt enthusiasts staying in South East Asia. They know about the natural habitat of each crypts (water chemistry, substrate ……).

        I hope this help.


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          leaf litter is one i want to try.

          any suggestions on what kind of leaves? (ideally something that can be found locally!)

          and Bryan if theres any other blogs you read on crypts, add the links on yahoo, i enjoyed reading through the sites you linked
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            Any of the deciduous leaves will do the job.
            Try Maple,Oak,any fruit tree but not citrus.


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              I heard of someone a while ago trying leaf litter from syzigiums (sp?) ie lilly pillys. Don't recall how that went, but it was discussed There's usually plenty of those about in large plantings, and they make a nice mulch of smaller leaves at their base.


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