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Uh, what happened? Where is everybody?

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  • Uh, what happened? Where is everybody?

    Ok my bad, some life stuff happened and I went quiet on the forum for a bit. Well, maybe a year.

    I came back about a month ago. My tank looks great but I'm bored with it. I have loads of thoughts and wanted to bounce a few things of people who might have had similar thoughts and learned in front of me.

    I feel a bit like Dave from "Red Dwarf" wandering around an empty ship.

    Where did everybody go? Recent posts are just spam bots. Is there somewhere ELSE I should be looking?


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    We are about
    The new forum since update has us all annoyed as its not so user friendly
    Read this very helpful thread on BSS .
    No pictures on your BSS advert? Then be prepared for it to be deleted ( read the rules )


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      ya, Even my private messages are not working. Maybe a competing website will spring up.


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        Originally posted by Graeme View Post
        We are about
        The new forum since update has us all annoyed as its not so user friendly
        Graeme. What are the chances we can just go back to the old forum design? Just wipe this update from our memories. Can it happen??????????


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          Well, good to know that people are still alive if not posting.

          The Germans have a great word for this: verschlimmbesserung. An "improvement for the worse".

          I have some time and an inkling for a Cade. So many questions with nowhere to go :-(


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            The forum update had potential but the forum owner hasn't had time to dedicate to nurturing the website for the last 10-15 years. We are lucky the forum ran as smoothly as it did for the last decade given the lack of maintenance. You have to appreciate the altruism of the benefactor that pays the server bills and keeps the door open for everyone's benefit in the meantime. Unfortunately the last update out-of-box template provides a poor user experience and the inevitable compatibility issues from waiting too long between upgrades remain largely unresolved. As a result the community that is already radically diluted and wounded by the rise of other forms of social media slowly disperses into the ether from whence they came.


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              Can anyone send private messages? Myn is broken.


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                Originally posted by Rebel View Post
                Can anyone send private messages? Myn is broken.
                An attempt to send you one came back "Can not send message. User Rebel has exceeded their private message quota.". Is there somewhere else everybody went or have we just stopped chatting about aquarium stuff?

                This is pretty dead, like Moggill Creek. Went there yesterday, only swordtails and gambusia. No Blue-eyes to be seen :-(


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                  Originally posted by dcm View Post

                  "Can not send message. User Rebel has exceeded their private message quota.". :-(
                  Yeah I cleared it many times. But it won't work although it's empty.

                  I can't even pm Graeme for help because pms are not working.


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                    Just tried sending you a PM as a test Rebel and got the same error message as DCM. The forum is officially broke!!

                    Someone revive the old forum ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                      Every PM I ever sent in the past reappeared in mine overblowing the quota many times over... took a while to delete and lots of refreshing as there were many pages and I could only do in blocks but was possible to eventually get back under the quota and I tested it worked with Graeme.... disappointing situation and bit pointless as few will bother. The fixes need to be server-side.... along with the spam prevention.
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                        The fixes need to happen ASAP like right now otherwise this forum will be as good as dead .. even though it seems dead already.

                        The forum needs a whole reboot. Or just go back to the way it was!!

                        At least the spam is keeping the forum going


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                          Just putting it out there as an IT consultant presently on the employment scrap-heap. I'm happy to put free time into this place (whilst I have it) if you are reading Mr Forum Owner...


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