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    The graphics are quite different and looks mostly white (placeholder like??) rather than blue?? Is that what I am meant to see?

    Also I found this on the bottom of the main page....
    Most users ever online was 10,753 at 01:11 AM on 16-08-19.

    Is this true? That's phenomenal participation! Maybe it was the aquatic meme party???

    btw I am using chrome and might switch to FF with duckduckgo.

    Is there a What's new page? I want to get in on the new features. I was hoping for a auto message delete function to prevent inbox from filling up.


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      good to see the forum back up and running, still visit even though not much activity here now
      never left the hobby or here, just toned things down a bit
      just in the middle of cycling a brand new tank though, exciting for me...
      `.. , . .`.. ><((((>`..`.><((((>
      `.. , . .`.. ><((((>`..`><((((>


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        I do agree with Rebel that the forum looks mostly white now compared to blue before. I honestly prefer the old blue style. It just had more colour.

        This is how the forum used to look like with the what's new button before the upgrade.

        Also if the "what's new" button can come back then it will make finding new threads and comments easier. It is a bit more difficult now.
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          Yeah, Without the "Activity stream" function, it's not really usable. "Activity Stream" is the basis of all successful social networks. Imagine facebook/IG without any updates; where the user has to hunt down any new information.... Maybe you should rename it "What you missed". People are terrified of FOMO.

          Is there a page with information on what's new functionality of the software? Or was it just behind the scenes stuff?



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            I agree with the comments above, if there is any way to bring back the "activity stream" function it would be a huge help ND make the forum a lot more user friendly and useful overall.

            Without it it's really difficult to navigate and I think it would cut down the overall number if posts and people contributing, it's hard to get involved in a discussion.


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              I'm researching this " activity stream" it doesn't look good atm.
              As i never used it, I go to each topic/thread.
              Things like forum colour are a little down the list.
              At the moment we have a problem with the upload attachments and some issuse with emails, seems like when we do something it has to be harder than need too be


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                Aqualife - Not perfect but in a step towards "Activity Stream" functionality - ie. Latest Activity shows last post in the active thread rather than the first post you can change the filter for New Topics to default to OFF... currently its on. Not perfect because it only shows the last post in the thread.

                It seems there are a few other people on the VBulletin forums trying to get the developers to understand the concept.


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                  FYI you can show all posts since your last visit to create your own Activity Stream via Advanced Search (search terms left blank, Last Visit checked, Sort by Date Last Update Descending)

                  I changed my AL bookmark to this link and it now gives me all the posts since my last visit.


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                    Thanks Grubs. Very useful.


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