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What permits do we need to collect small native fishes in NSW and Qld?

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  • What permits do we need to collect small native fishes in NSW and Qld?

    I looked at the thread on permits, etc for collecting fish around the country but the information seems to apply to commercial angling species and not fish we want to put in aquariums. So I was wondering if anyone knows what permits/ licenses are required to collect rainbowfish, gobies and gudgeons from creeks and streams in New South Wales and Queensland?

    Also, where are some good places to collect?
    I want to do a run up the east coast (after the states open) and get different Rhadinocentrus, Pseudomugil and Melanotaenia species. I looked at maps of Queensland National Parks and it looks like the entire state is National Park.

    I tried contacting NSW and Qld fisheries about this but haven't had a response, presumably because the government is freaking out over covid19.

    For everyone saying just get eggs or fish from someone in ANGFA, I don't want fish that have been in aquariums due to disease issues. I want wild caught stock so I can have clean fish. I lost all my fish to TB back in 2006 and will not go through that again. So getting fish from shops or other people is not going to happen.

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    Includes the following comment:

    (NOTE: native fish cannot be collected from the wild to keep in ponds or aquaria without a specific permit)

    This page has more info and the permit forms:

    Not sure about QLD.
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