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  • Evans Head Rhads

    HI All

    I will venturing up to Evans Head next Month and was hoping someone may be able to provide some specific location details for collecting the Evans Rhad. I will also be stopping by Nana Glen on the way home to catch some nice crimson spots i know exist in this area.
    Any assistance would be appreciated and happy to share some mops of eggs to anyone that helps.



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    I'm happy to give you some location and other info. If it's from about the 9th-30th I may even be able to show you in person. Evans Head rhads are a real pain to transport, ultra susceptible to stress. The first time I tried to transport them home (about 30 min) they all died. I'll send you a PM in a few hours with some more info. Cheers.
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      If you plan on transporting natives fishes add some salt to the bucket of water before you add the fish. Use 1-2 heaped tablespoon of rock salt or non chlorinated swimming pool salt for 20litres of water. Let the salt dissolve then add fish.

      Don't collect the water until you are about to get the fish. Buckets of water left on the bank can heat up very quickly in summer. If you plan on spending some time in the same area, either have the bucket in the creek/ river under some shade so the river water keeps the bucket water cool. Or put the fish into a holding net in the water and only put them in a bucket of water just before you leave.

      Try not to use rough nets to scoop out the fish. And if you use bait traps, don't lift the trap out and shake the fish into a bucket of water. You will damage them. Have a plastic tub big enough for the bait trap to fit in. Submerge the tub and move the trap with fish into the tub. Then tip half the water out and move tub with trap in, onto the bank. Open the trap and let the fish swim out into the tub. Then use a soft mesh (white fine mesh) aquarium net to transfer the fish into a bucket.

      Make sure you have an airstone bubbling away vigorously in the bucket of water before you add the fish. And keep it aerated continuously until they are in their tank. A battery powered air pump is great at the creek. Then use a normal aquarium air pump and run it off a power inverter that plugs into the cigarette lighter in the car.

      Keep the bucket of fish on the floor in the car and out of direct sunlight. I have had buckets of water hit 40+ degrees Celcius in the boot/ back of a station wagon. And have the air conditioner on in the car so the vehicle's internal temperature is about 22C.

      Keep the bucket of water aerated and in the shade, and have a lid on it to stop the fish jumping out. I drill a 6 or 8 mm hole in the lid and put a rubber grommet (available from Bunnings or other hardware store) in the hole. Then feed the airline through the hole in the middle of the grommet. Then have a multicolored plastic airstone with a small lead sinker tied to the airstone. The coloured airstones can be taken apart and cleaned and don't put as much pressure on the air pump so batteries last longer and the stones can be cleaned. They also produce courser bubbles so are better in my opinion.
      The following link has the type of air stone/ diffuser similar to what I used.
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        Thanks for the reply. I have quite a lot of experience at catching and transporting fish, including Rhads. I have a purpose made transport Esky that I have great success with. I will be up that way from the 16th to 20th of April. I will only be looking to keep a few pairs to take home to breed. I look forward to your PM and can contact you once i get up their.

        Thanks Again



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          Thank you Colin, some great advice and tips. Catching fish and keeping them healthy is always a challenge so i appreciate you offering your knowledge.

          Cheers Mark


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            Well have just returned from my adventure up North to Yamba and can confirm that the Rhad collecting was very successful. I collected a total 20 Rhads and lost only two. Considering i had to keep them with me on my Family holiday for six days, i am pretty happy with the result. I also managed to call into one of my favorite spots on the way home, Nana Glen to pick up a few Plants (hydrocotyle, Aponogeton elongatus, Val and some Hair grass that is found growing full submersed. Also cought a few Crimson Spot Rainbows which i have sampled from here before.

            Some pics

            My Rhad Keeping Set up

            Evans Head Location Shots

            The catch

            Keeping Them Healthy at our Cabin for a week, notice the very Dark Tanin they live in

            Nana Glen Location Shots

            Hope you enjoyed the shots



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              either I have been drinking too much or some of those fish look googly eyes.

              only kidding, plastic bag distortion

              makes me want to hop in the car, drive across the country and collect some. Alas no tanks so no point.

              nice to see you had a good trip and got some nice stuff, well done


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                Did you identify the hairgrass? I think I found the same plant in the Orara River near Nana Glen but haven't been able to ID it


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