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Georges River Blue eyes

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  • Georges River Blue eyes

    Does anyone know anywhere along the Georges River that I'm likely to catch some Blue Eyes?

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    I haven't tried to catch anything around there before but my best bet would be around the estuary or small freshwater creeks that flow into the estuary as most Blue-eyes are estuarine-freshwater fish that can't usually be found very far up a river system. Most waterways around there should be okay. Try finding somewhere with a large amount of overhanging vegetation and/or vegetation in the immediate riparian zone (think grasses and plants like lomandra hanging off the bank and into the water) to increase your chances if you go netting during the day. If you're up for it try going at night with a head torch or using a bait trap as the possibility of catching some fish these ways should be a lot larger compared to trying to dipnet during the day. Bread and Vegemite works well as bait if using bait traps or newspaper and Vegemite when bread isn't on hand as it seems to be the Vegemite that attracts the fish more so than the bread. Headspotting at night with a net with a large handle will definitely work really well (bigger fish tend to be at the surface in deeper water). If you're after smaller fish they'll be in the shallows and easy to catch with a short handled net.

    Check out this link for some more info:
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