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  • Maguires Creek (Images)

    Hello all,
    This is part 2 of my series of creek expeditions I plan on doing over the next few months.
    This one is Maguires creek in Teven NSW and stretches a good 4km, most of it being on public land and parts on private land.
    The following pictures are of every accessible part I could locate without going for a snorkel.
    I had no nets or bags as it was purely adventure and 7am so I was very unprepared. Sorry its a bit rushed. I hope you enjoy the pictures

    The love of my life getting busy with the fishies

    This is the better side of me looking at some Splendida's.

    A large Vallis bed

    More Vallis beds

    Most of the bottom was covered in Vallisneria babies.

    Not the clearest picture but we found this plant.

    Same plant but the root system.

    For the most part, we spent 3 hours all up just looking for fish and plants including an hour in the last spot pictured.
    It was nice and cool and shallow enough to walk through. We found Rhads, Melanotaenia splendida splendida, Mullet, Bass, Eels,
    Catfish, Paratya shrimp and Gambusia.
    Good evening.
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    The only things that happen in an aquarium fast, are bad things.

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    Thanks for sharing

    another lovely spot to spend a few hours

    That water is so clear!!!

    ps I am jealous
    Read this very helpful thread on BSS .
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      the plant in the picture reminded me of a similar one that Grubs had found hard to tell but its a good starting point. you were up early


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        Thanks for showing us the pictures, looks like a really nice place.



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          Thanks for the post Pelvis_3.... I've been scrounging around our locals creeks the last couple of months, including some around the teven/bangalow area but not found a whole lot other than gambusia. Anyway I tried maguires creek and was pleasantly suprised. I got a heap of Melanotaenia duboulayi and a few gudgeon. Some really big rainbows in that creek. I didn't see any blue eyes but saw a turtle and catfish. Heres a pic of some Maguires Creek rainbows


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            Peet, these Dubs look very similar to the Cooper Creek ones.
            Probably little surprise, given the close proximity

            That Aromatica seems to be going gangbusters in your tank !


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              Hey Chris, some nice shots there. I was down that way a few weeks ago looking around the area for Rainbows. Find some Smelt in some creeks but nothing much else.

              I was looking around the water ways of Bullwinkle park, pearces creek and another creek which i think runs along Howard Rd.

              Below is a map of where i found some Melanotaenia duboulayi and smelt


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                Hi peeet,
                Glad you could ge down there. It really is a nice spot in places.
                I hope your rainbows colour up OK for you.

                The only things that happen in an aquarium fast, are bad things.


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                  Hey, nice pictures, thanks for sharing!
                  I would if I could but I can't so I won't


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                    Originally posted by BettaMan View Post
                    Below is a map of where i found some Melanotaenia duboulayi and smelt
                    It's nice countryside round there. I have looked in the creeks in the area myself (I spend half my time in the Northern Rivers). I have recently been looking at properties along Teven Road.


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                      I can't see your photos


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