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Reporting pest fish

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  • Reporting pest fish

    If you are out fossicking for fish or plants and you come across a non-native species, please report it to the relevant authorities. Here are links to self reporting forms and phone numbers for the various state bodies.

    New South Wales
    Primary Industries Fisheries and Aquaculture
    Online pest fish reporting form
    02 4916 3877 (recorded 24 hour service) or email [email protected]

    Department of Primary Industries Fisheries
    Online pest fish reporting form
    QLD FISHWATCH Hotline 1800 017 116 or contact QPIF on 13 25 23

    Northen Territory
    Contact Aquatic Biosecurity
    Aquatic Pest Eradications
    Aquatic Biosecurity 08 8999 2126 or 08 8999 5511 or 24 hour mobile 0413 381 094 or email [email protected]

    West Australia
    Department of Fisheries
    WA FISHWATCH Hotline 1800 815 507

    South Australia
    PIRSA Biosecurity Aquatics
    SA FISHWATCH Hotline 1800 065 522

    Department of Sustainability and Environment
    DSE Customer Service Centre 136 186 or email [email protected]

    Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries - Aquatic Pests
    Exotic Pest Hotline 1800 084 881

    Fisheries Management
    Environment Protection Authority 13 22 81 or email [email protected]

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    I think this is the South Australian one:

    It supplies a phone number to call, I can't get beyond that. It states marine, but they should take an interest I'd hope, although I'm surprised it doesn't fall under the auspices of the Dept of Environment & Heritage for freshwater. If I have it wrong I'm sure they could stear you right.

    Great sticky & great idea.
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      In the Northern Territory report feral fish to Fisheries Dept, Aquatic Pest Unit

      08 89995511

      Or visit their web site



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        Thanks guys, have updated the list.

        If anyone has further details please post them here.


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          can someone post up the current pest and banned species list. i cant find one on the net.

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            Originally posted by pilchard View Post
            can someone post up the current pest and banned species list. i cant find one on the net.

            here are the noxious ones -


            and here are some that are considered pests

            pest fish include Exotic fish that are already widespread in NSW and are considered pests include:

            * Carp
            * Redfin
            * Banded grunter
            * Gambusia (previously called mosquitofish)
            * Oriental Weatherloach
            * Goldfish

            Other ornamental fish that have established feral populations in NSW include:

            * Green swordtails
            * Jack Dempsey cichlids
            * Pearl cichlid
            * White cloud mountain minnows
            * Speckled mosquitofish or one-spot livebearer
            * Platyfish (Xiphophorus maculatus or X. variatus)
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