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Free - makemyled's - needs drivers

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  • Free - makemyled's - needs drivers

    First up...these are not working, well sections are but not the entire light.

    There are 4 lights, all 5 foot and also the day/night programable controller.

    It seems that these lights had crappy drivers installed and have gradually failed over time. Each light has 5 drivers that will need replacing. LED's themselves are all working.

    I was going to make a youtube vid of me smashing them over the coppers logs at the park across the road but figured that maybe someone who is handy with a solder/electronics could save them from that fate.

    pick up only and located in Rockingham.


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    Hey Chuckmeister,

    I know these would have cost you a bomb (maybe at least half a nuclear). Do you think you could ship me the lights and one of those giant power supplies (pls keep the rest of the controllers and other jazz)? I can most certainly try to repair and send em back.

    I hate to see electronics wasted.


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      Hi Rebel, I'm not even vaguely interested in these lights and I'd be happy to see them go to a potential good home, assuming you can get them running again.
      Use them or re-sell them or make a youtube vid of their destruction...I'm just happy to not be tripping over them

      If your interested send me a PM otherwise I'll move locally or do the park thing

      I've never freighted anything this length or fragility so I'd need a few days to get bubble wrap etc for postage.



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        Are you certain its the drivers? I have a lot of these lights and I've replaced quite a few LEDs but only 1 driver - seems rare that all would go? If you lose 1 LED the whole 30cm segment its in goes dark (same symptoms of a dud driver).....of coarse if the drivers have smoked and charred the diffuser then you know its definitely the driver but that is quite uncommon IME.

        If you turn them on and sequentially short out across each LED in the dark segment - when you short the bad LED the other 4 will light up.... then you just need a pocket full of LEDs to solder in.

        Must be someone in WA that wants to give them a go.. if you're clever you could cut them down to shorter lengths with not a lot of effort.


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          Pretty sure its the drivers...the manufacturer suggested that this is likely the issue. The driver goes and you lose that 1 foot section of LED.


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            Hey Chuck, I can't send private messages atm. I will figure out a way to email you perhaps.

            by the way if you are considering nice lights, consider AI prime which will give you excellent aesthetics and resale value in the future.


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              Unless Grubs wants to take em. You can use it in your fishroom grubs? I actually have no use for them but don't want to waste em.

              Park thing would be good for mental health though.


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                lol, the park thing is what I consider 'value adding' to the product and closure to a purchase that has let me down.

                I just posted them up (quickly) in the case of anyone techy that can fix them. I've got a tip run in a few days and its probably the best place for them to RIP.


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                  I know someone in Canberra who had their lights fail as well. I don't know what they did with them....curious to find out though.


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