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some fish FS "PRICE DROP" ***ALL SOLD***

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  • some fish FS "PRICE DROP" ***ALL SOLD***

    selling all of my fish so here's what's up for sale so far :

    7 x adult geophagus araguaia sizes from 13-15cm.
    at least 1 x breeding pair in the colony, have laid 4 times so far but no fry as of yet.
    $40ea "now $30ea" or $250 "now $200" if all sold to one person "prefer to sell as a group"

    pics here :

    albino longfin bn pair, male approx 12-13cm female approx 9-10cm havn't laid yet as far as i know
    $150 "now $100" for the pair

    2x pleco's sold to me as clown pleco's, size approx 9-10cm
    $70ea "now $50ea"

    Royal whiptail approx 10-11cm
    $30 ON HOLD

    lemon tetra approx 3-4cm
    about 25 "if there's more there free to single buyer"

    geo's sold to me as Tapajos, but might be araguaia ?
    3 @ approx 8-10cm
    $20ea "now $15ea"

    adult pair of Thorichthys Ellioti. male approx 13-14cm "very fat" female approx 10cm
    lay about every week and a half
    $200 for the pair "quality fish"

    all sizes are approximate

    NO POSTAGE "sorry" pickup only
    no time wasters please...

    **********************ALL SOLD****************************
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    i have lowered the price on most fish as i want to move things on quickly so i can then move the tanks/plants filters lights on too.
    all of the above price are quite a bit cheaper than i paid for the fish when they were quite a bit smaller and a lot of them were babies when i bought them, so i think prices are more than fair...
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      Thankyou for the Whiptail planted - lovely girl, and my boy does seem to be interested already - maybe that's wishful thinking!

      Given the amount of interest when you put photos up of these fish, I'm surprised they're not all gone already, especially at these prices! Maybe if people could arrange their own courier?
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        no probs DE.

        they are all sold now, just been a bit slack in editting the post
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          Would have loved the LF ABN if you were closer, someone got a bargain.
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