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★ 27L of AquaSoil ★ (Newcastle/PortStephens) - RRP $191.85

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  • ★ 27L of AquaSoil ★ (Newcastle/PortStephens) - RRP $191.85

    27L of AquaSoil Amazonia Type 2 for sale.

    Was used briefly (no livestock), but packed down tank & selling due to relocation.

    RRP $191.85 (3 x 9L bags @ $63.95/bag)
    Selling for: $49
    Collect from: Anna Bay, NSW (North of Newcastle) - please
    BYO Bucket

    - will also have some Co2 stuff for sale shortly.




    Aqua Soil-Amazonia Ver.2

    Amazonia Ver.2 uses black soil for a raw material and it stands out against the leaf color of aquatic plants, and also includes Amazonia Supplement to enrich nutrients. By adding an appropriate amount of Amazonia supplement and laying Amazonia Ver.2, aquatic plants grow better and a beautiful Nature Aquarium can be realized. In addition, natural soils make the water quality suitable for aquatic plants and tropical fish, and it is easy to maintain an aquarium at the initial stage, so it can be used widely from beginners to veterans.

    The ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia Ver. 2 is a new updated and upgraded plant substrate that has a combination of the best of the "Original Amazonia Aqua Soil" and the recently released Amazonia II. Serious plant and aquascape affectionatos already are familiar with the #1 rated Freshwater planted aquarium substrate in the world - Amazonia, but not the newest Ver.2.

    This amazing plant substrate is made from an extensive list of all natural products, which simply put; “your plants will just plain thrive on this stuff” without the nutrient having contact with the water column, thus less water changes and algae issues with a new aquarium.

    It contains plenty of organic acids and nutrients which encourage the plant's root growth, and provides a perfect "substrate system" for aquatic plants. With this product, you can easily re-create a natural environment where aquatic plants grow rapidly and fish and invertebrates live a healthy life.

    A high pH level (alkaline) of most substrates causes difficulties for aquatic plants in consuming nutrients. The ADA Amazonia Aqua Soil decreases the hardness of the water and lowers the pH level to the degree at which most aquatic plants can consume nutrients and comfortably grow. Another quality feature with Aqua Soil is that the granules maintain their shape and density for a long period underwater, thus securing good circulation of water and oxygen throughout the substrate. This is not the case with the majority of other soils. Amazonia also maintains the best possible root health and reduces anaerobic problems.

    Amazonia's humic acids help lower the pH and KH, and makes an idealistic environment for plants and fish and shrimp.

    • Upgraded Ver.2 Replaces Amazonia II and Give the End User More Options-High Nutrients.
    • Excellent Color and Plant Accelerated Growth Over Previous Soils.
    • Advanced Substrate made from a Labor Intensive Process with a Staggering List of Natural Material from the Earth.
    • Granule Size and Density Promotes Excellent Oxygen Deep into the Soil for Optimal Root Growth.
    • Creates Clarity to the Water and allows for Ideal Conditions for Healthy Growth of all Aquatic Plants.
    • Dark Brown-Black Color of the Amazonian Rain Forest for Stunning Contrast to Green and Red Plant Colors.
    • Helps to bring the pH level of the Water Down to an Ideal level for Most of the Aquatic Plants.
    • Helps to Lower the Hardness Level of the Water.
    • Granules Maintain their Shape for a Longer Periods in Water than Most Other Substrates.
    • Stimulates the Fast Colonization of Bacteria which Helps Eliminate Wastes and Unwanted Algaes.
    • Designed and Used by the Late Master Pro-Aquascape Artist, Takashi Amano for his company Aqua Design Amano.
    Current 3ft Rescape Journal:

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    Update - just found another approx 20L I’m happy to throw in for free
    Current 3ft Rescape Journal:


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