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255L office tank shutdown – tank, fish, plants... the lot!

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  • 255L office tank shutdown – tank, fish, plants... the lot!

    My boss has decided to move out of the office we're in since everyone has so easily transitioned to working from home... which means the end of the foyer fish tank.

    There's definitely not enough space in my apartment for this tank so it has to go... and I'm not sure where to begin. It's still up and running so in an ideal world, a buyer would take the whole lot — come to the office, help me shut it down, pack it into their car and be on their way. If you would like to do this it would make my life a whole lot easier so a heavy discount would be considered.

    If you live not too far away I'd even be up for helping you unload at the other end too.

    I drive a tiny car that has no hope of fitting the tank so I can't deliver.

    Here are a few shots of the setup. Details and prices at the bottom of the post.


    Guppies: $30 for all
    Purchased from Nano Tanks Australia at the beginning of this year. The photo of the guppy above is pretty much what all the males look like. The females are the usual grey body with a bluish coloured tail.
    Honestly I have no idea how many there are. Maybe 15-20 healthy adults and a lot of babies. So. Many. Babies.

    Bristlenose plecos: $20 for all
    These guys hide a lot so I'm not really sure how many there are. They have been breeding and there was a mix of normal and albino in there for a while. I'll have a clearer idea of numbers once I tear the tank down but I expect maybe 5-10.

    Rummy nose tetras: $10 for 5
    These were some of the first inhabitants of the tank so are around 4 years old. Probably have another 1-2 years left in their life. Would be a good addition to an existing colony of rummys.

    Sterbai corys: $50 for 5 (maybe 6!)
    Really sad to sell these guys, one of my favourite fish. They're a little timid so hard to count but there was 6 at some stage and there are at least 5 still there. About 4 years old but apparently live for 10-15 years according to a quick Google. Bargain price, I see these in shops for $20+ each.

    Siamese algae eater: free with any other fish
    Just have one of these guys left, maybe 3 years old. Happy to give it away with any other fish purchase.


    Please note I can't really sell any of this gear until the fish have sold.

    Tank, stand + light: $500
    AquaSerene 255 (white)
    Tank is 90wx55dx65h and holds 255L
    Spec sheet

    The tank is in excellent condition and has never had any leaks. It was purchased from Sydney Discus World in 2016 and has been in the office since then.
    I had some glass lids cut to fit the top since the black plastic ones that came with the tank curled up from the humidity.
    Won't separate these 3 items.

    Filter: $80
    AquaOne Nautilus 1100 (filter media included)
    Came with the tank and has been trucking along with no issues for 4 years. Cleaned once every 4-6 months. Nice set of stainless steel inflow/outflow pipes included.

    Heater: $20
    AquaOne 300w glass heater
    Same story as the filter — included with the tank and has run perfectly it's whole life.

    Hardscape & plants:

    Java fern: $5
    Good size java fern, maybe 30cm tall/wide. Plus a few smaller bits placed around the tank.

    Needle leaf java fern: $10
    There are a few large chunks of this in the tank. Happy to let it all go for $10.

    Anubias coffeefolia: $30
    Really sad to sell this plant, just don't have a tank at home big enough to house it. There are a couple of rhizomes in the tank — most prominently the one back/left and in the front towards the right. Both have a bit of green spot algae on the but are otherwise healthy.

    Rocks: $70
    These were sold as "Australian desert rocks" when I bought them. No idea what they actually are but they're the reddish/orange colour of the Australian outback. A bit of green spot algae on them.

    Gravel: $20
    There's a lot of gravel. I can't remember how much I bought to begin with — maybe 3x 9kg bags? Or 4? I have no need for it anymore.

    Total: $845

    Buy the lot: $600ono

    Pickup only from Milsons Point, Sydney

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    I will take the Anubias if you can post. PM me.


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      Everything except fish sold (pending payment).

      Please hit me up if you'd like the fish — I'd much rather they go to someone here than offload them to a LFS.


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        Corys sold!

        Will accept $50 for the remaining fish.


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          Everything sold, pending tank relocation


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