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  • Plants for Sale ( Snail Free )

    Hello fellow plant lovers,
    Some plants for you to enjoy with a 100% no snails guarantee. There may be traces of algae such as BBA.
    All grown in my display tank with CO2 and low light.
    All portions as pictured.

    Trident Java Fern - $20 per bunch ( 5 Available)

    Narrow Leaf Java Fern - $20 ( SOLD )

    Flame Moss - $5 ( Only 1 Available )

    Bolbitis Heudelotii - $20 Per Bunch ( 1 Available )

    Monte Carlo, HUGE Mat, Could Carpet a 2 Foot Tank - $20 ( Whole Bunch )

    Anubias Nana Petite - $15 ( 2 Available )

    Anubias Nana - $15 ( Medium Sized, 3 Available )

    Anubias Nana - $20 ( Large sized, 4 Available )

    You may not get the exact piece but fair amounts will be set.
    As usual paypal and express postage $10 to allowed states. I will post next Monday unless instructed specifically by buyer to post at another time.
    (Free postage over $75)
    Note that there can be express positive delays due to auspost issues/covid.

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    Hi Rebel,
    Can't send you a DM as your inbox is full apparently. Interested in the plants you have for sale, are they still available?
    If so, can I please grab 1x Narrow Leaf Java Fern, 1x Bolbitis Heudelotii, 1x Anubias Nana (large) and 1x Anubias Nana Petite?


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      Sorry I missed this post Dylightful. The inboxes are not working here among many other things. I'd hate to put my email on a forum filled with bots etc but maybe I have to.....


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        Pm sent. I managed to empty my inbox/trash finally. So many messages from the past.


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          I see you're still winning the fight to be snail free.


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            Originally posted by Grubs View Post
            I see you're still winning the fight to be snail free.
            Yes. Most definitely.

            The soft Canberra water probably also helps. I have been obscessively dipping and quarantining any other plants etc; up to 3 months before introducing it to the tank. Other technique is to take a tiny sample of the original plant and separate it and grow it in a 'sterile' environment. Then I throw the original plant away!


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              Small crinum also available $40.... Pics coming.


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                I'd be interested, sent you a PM.


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                  Replied! Sorry for delay.


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                    Crinum sold. Others updated. Thanks!!


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                      Amounts updated!

                      Incoming Buce and one more crinum....


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                        Throwing in a large wad of Monte carlo for anyone buying over $40.


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                          Large crinum available. Mother plant.

                          $130 delivered.


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