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  • sphagnum moss

    anyone know if the following is aquarium safe?

    im setting up a tank that will be mostly leaves and mulm for a breeding pair of panduros... i know it's a bit unique but it's sort of an experiment so any input greatly appreciated

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    You are looking for Sphagnum Peat....the moss dies, a new layer forms above it and after a long time, it becomes the Peat you want.
    Be carefull becausethere are lots of alternatives like Aussie Sedge Peat which is formed from grassy plants called Sedge.
    Orchid Nurseries often carry Sphagnum Peat from New Zealand or Germany. That is the type you need...not another similar material.


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      I thought that too but saw this on using Sphagnum moss:

      If its for a substrate to lay eggs on like you'd use a mop - then moss. If its to lower the pH and add tannin - then peat.

      Edit - note if you want Sphagnum peat then most/all? of the stuff sold at Bunnings labelled "Peat Moss" is not actually Peat moss - its a "substitute" made from coir or pine bark - need to read the fine print on the bags.
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        thanks for the info guys.. i'd prefer peat but i'm guessing i'll settle for peat moss (if i can even find that)... ive got a bit of cyclops etc living in the substrate of the tank so after reading what grubs just posted hopefully the moss/peat can provide good feeding grounds if i get any fry


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          Peat/Peat Moss are the same thing = the dead, decomposed material found deep in Sphagnum bogs. It is dark brown and will help reduce pH and also tint the water as it releases tannins.
          Grubs was saying that, in Australia, the term, Peat Moss is applied loosely and you need to read the fine print to make sure it really is Sphagnum.
          Orchid and Carnivorous plant nurseries often use live Sphagnum Moss which is a lovely bright green colour with fluffy growth and provides ideal conditions for certain plants to thrive.
          Dead Sphagnum Moss is white and can be found for sale in nurseries. This can be mixed with other materials to create special soil mixes. This is the stuff that eventually turns into real Peat Moss and is found deep down in Peat Bogs.
          Now, I will mention your Apistogrammas ....
          Certain fish have 'triggers' that switch on the instinct to spawn. With healthy Apistos, there are two triggers that work like magic with females. One of these is fine sand and the other is fallen leaves. If you put a female Apisto into a tank with just these two items, she will choose a nice spot among the leaves and start picking up the fine sand and spitting it around the entrance to her leafy cave, helping to hide the entrance to her bedroom.This behaviour induces the next step in the spawning sequence....overnight, her colour will change to a nice yellow!!
          And THIS yellow will make her look VERY attractive to healthy male Apistos. They will swim around her bedroom,showing off their colour and fins in the hope of being invited into her bedroom.
          There is just one more thing to ensure success. Apisto eggs require a low pH to hatch! If the water is alkaline,the eggs forming inside the female will most likely end up with too much calcium in the shells.....too tough for the baby fish to break through and they die!!
          So this will hopefully help you to breed heaps of little panduros.....send me as many as you see fit....


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            yeah i was gonna switch up the substrate to a sandy one but the aquasoil that i'm currently using is so rich with micropods i think it will be more beneficial if i get some fry.


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              just a little update - i got the sphagnum moss from bunnings (liked up the top) and i'm gonna follow the article posted by grubs, the label indicates its 100% sphagnum moss harvested in NZ

              they do also sell sphagnum peat at bunnings, i think it's mostly peat but it notes on the package that it also contains composted pine so i'll give that a miss.


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