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Ophiocara porocephala - Spangled gudgeon


  • Ophiocara porocephala - Spangled gudgeon

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    Scientific name: Ophiocara porocephala
    Common name: Spangled gudgeon
    AKA: Stunning Spangled Gudgeon/ Bumblebee/ Mullet Gudgeon/ Northern Mud Gudgeon/ Flathead sleeper/ Eleotris cantoris/ Eleotris kuak/ Eleotris limosus/ Eleotris litoralis/ Eleotris madagascariensis/ Eleotris ophicephalus/ Eleotris porocephala/ Eleotris scintillans/ Eleotris viridis/ genus species 8/ Ophiocara ophicephalus

    Country of origin: Bangladesh; Cambodia; China; Comoros; Fiji; India (Andaman Is.); Indonesia; Japan; Kenya; Madagascar; Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak); Mauritius; Mayotte; Micronesia, Federated States of; Mozambique; New Caledonia; Palau; Papua New Guinea; Philippines; Réunion; Samoa; Seychelles; Singapore; Solomon Islands; South Africa; Taiwan, Province of China; Tanzania, United Republic of; Thailand; Timor-Leste; Vanuatu, Australia – NT

    Temperature: 20 - 30c
    Water flow: standard
    Oxygenation: standard

    Maximum size: 34 cm (average around 20cm)

    Diet: Adults eat large crustaceans & small fish.

    They are in the aquarium trade.

    Tank companions:
    They are NOT good tankmates with shrimp.

    They live in rocky estuaries. A biotype would reflect this. They can also live in mangrove swamps.

    Minimum tank size is 47cm cube.

    They have a small home range, so can be kept in smaller tanks.

    They can be kept in freshwater, or brackish if acclimatised.

    Confused with: Other gudgeons.

    Ophiocara porocephala may in fact be more than 1 species.

    Ophiocara porocephala are NOT legal imports to Australia as of 21/10/2013:
    however, as Australian natives, they can legally be purchased from Australian stock.

    The IUCN Red List reports Ophiocara porocephala as a species of least concern, with a stable population trend at 22/10/2013:

    It is very important not to release any aquarium specimens into our waterways. Any that are not sold or re-homed/ given away, can often be re-sold to aquarium stores. If they are homed in ponds, care should be taken that they cannot escape in run-off into our waterways. Even if fish are native & local they should not be moved from one waterway to another, as this can transfer disease. If they are not local fish, they can both spread disease and either out-compete or eat local fish, shrimp & plants, causing their demise.

    It is a good fish for beginners +1.

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    List of gobys in NT:


    Tank size:


    Australian museum – with distribution map



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      The temperature, it says 20-30cm.

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      Thanks Stew - it's not letting me edit the typo at the moment (glitches), but it's:
      Temperature: 20 - 30c.

      Appreciate your assistance with editing!
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