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Pseudomugil ivantsoffi


  • Pseudomugil ivantsoffi

    I have a 40cm cube and am thinking of stocking it with 5 - 10 of these (P. ivantsoffi). There isn't heaps of info on the net as far as I can see. Suitable water parameters seem to match my tank but nothing much I found suggests suitable tank sizes and stock numbers for 64 odd litres.

    Can anyone tell me if I could keep a small school happily in a 40 cube?

    And, more importantly in many respects, can I buy them anywhere in Oz? Hopeful some of the killi nuts might have stock, even if I have to raise them from eggs.

    Feel free to shoot me a PM if you prefer.


    Originally posted by Graeme View Post
    They are in Australia
    ( and no not that I have them )

    I think mainly the ANGFA boys have them

    Originally posted by killiguy View Post
    They have been in Australia for 4-5 years,they came in as something else or so the story goes.They are very hardy.Like most New Guinea fish they do best in hard alkaline water (not to Rift lake levels)In nature the pH varies quite alot so they are quite adaptable.They are attractive as they are the Deky Ck type which has alot of red/orange.They are not as prolific as Ps furcatus,a female laying 2-3 eggs per day cf furcatus at 7 eggs per day,both have enormous eggs.Most fish are related to a pair I had several years ago,however we are not seeing any deformities yet despite the small gene pool.
    They are still very uncommon. Furcatus in my opinion are better coloured and easier to get.Both would do fine in a 40 cube.

    PS dont PM me I dont have any spare eggs ATM
    Originally posted by killiguy View Post
    Just figured out how to paste images from the new format on photobucket

    Ps ivantsoffi

    Ps furcatus
    Originally posted by manhong View Post
    Very nice fish, have never seen one in Australia tho
    Originally posted by anthonyrae View Post
    Not too common in Oz but very popular in Poland [of course].
    I was looking through Amazonas magazine and saw a really good article with great photos last week.
    Pretty sure it's in the current sample issue.....check it out!
    Originally posted by maijar View Post
    I have kept and bred these for a couple of years. imo they are one of the easier blue eyes to keep and are no trouble in a community aquarium with fishes of a similar size.

    5-10 should be no trouble in a 40cm cube, although the males do fight between each other - and the males are more colourful than the females.
    Originally posted by killiguy View Post
    Im glad they are about.They are not as pretty as furcatus but are much easier to reproduce than Ps conniea
    Originally posted by atwistedlife View Post
    They are stunning little fish, I never seen them before today, Thanks for sharing the photos Killiguy
    Originally posted by siemanthepieman View Post
    Agreed. Thanks Killiguy.

    Although I have to disagree. I think the ivantsoffi look better (at least in photos, including your above - I haven't seen any in real life).

    • DiscusEden
      DiscusEden commented
      Editing a comment
      Pseudomugil ivantsoffi are NOT legal imports to Australia as of 20/10/2013:
      however they may have been on previous import lists, have entered Australia prior to the implementation of import lists, or been misidentified on importation.

      The IUCN Red List reports Pseudomugil ivantsoffi as a species which has not yet been assessed at 20/10/2013:

      It is very important not to release any aquarium specimens into our waterways. Any that are not sold or re-homed/ given away, can often be re-sold to aquarium stores. If they are homed in ponds, care should be taken that they cannot escape in run-off into our waterways. Even if fish are native & local they should not be moved from one waterway to another, as this can transfer disease. If they are not local fish, they can both spread disease and either out-compete or eat local fish, shrimp & plants, causing their demise.
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