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Phractocephalus hemioliopterus - Red tail catfish


  • Phractocephalus hemioliopterus - Red tail catfish

    Photo of 50cm juvenile

    I'm thinking of getting some. Any thoughts, tips, hints etc

    Thanks Adrian

    Originally posted by pleco4me View Post
    A very big tank, I would advise 8x3x2' minimum for long term keeping. You need to consider whether you can properly care for them over their life span and be warned that you will be restricted in terms of tank mates.

    These fish aren't for 6x2x2' tanks (as they are commonly kept in). See here:

    Originally posted by aquaholic99 View Post
    Hi Adrian,
    Good your doing some research. Visit MFK or waterwolves forums as more fishkeepers there have RTCs. I have ten myself.

    Photo of babies

    Originally posted by Too Many Choices View Post
    How readily available are these fish Aquaholic?
    Originally posted by masone View Post
    Not many little ones around and quite exxy (over 1k) at the moment. You should be able to pick up a larger fish for a lot less but make sure you have done your research and are ready well in advance. Remember that many people don't want to ship bigger cats 50cm+) so be prepared to fly to where the fish is and pack and ship yourself.
    Originally posted by daniely View Post
    over 10?! wow you must have got them all when they were young aquaholic haha. any pics?? im a big fan of rtc
    Originally posted by tangcla View Post
    Are they tasty?
    Did not realise how big they got. Not that I thought I'd ever have space to own one... wow.
    Originally posted by holotype View Post
    Red Tail cats are a large migratory species that can live for a number of decades. Please read this post on planetcatfish for further advice on keeping such fish:

    Also be aware that they are not an allowable import in Australia and purchasing one will be supporting the international illegal trade in wildlife smuggling.
    Originally posted by ltvills View Post
    i saw one at my local lfs.... it apparently got donated to them..... i think i should let them know about it.
    the one they have is american species tho
    Originally posted by aquaholic99 View Post
    The redtail cat is not an allowed import but is allowed to be kept just as the common bristlenose and many other well known fish. Unless all these fish get added to the noxious list.
    They are being mass cultured as they are a food fish in many third world countries and very easily farmed. Cost overseas approx 35-50 cents each from many fish overseas fish farms. If they are endangered in the wild, it is from loss of habbitat or pollution. They have also been locally bred in Australia.

    Just wanting to put straight a lot of common misconceptions.
    Originally posted by masone View Post
    ^^ x2. So many fish commonly kept in the hobby in Australia and by people on this forum are not allowable imports but tankbusters are easy targets for criticism.

    • aquaholic99
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      You welcome to use my images but I dont want any acknowledgement or credit. These are similar to most large predatory catfish.
      Breed with hormones, pretty tough fish but need excellent bio filtration. Their whiskers shrivel and they shed mucus when water quality is poor. Lots of info online and in books.

      Juvenile about 50cm:


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    • DiscusEden
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      Thankyou very much for that!
      I'm adding it to the article now - and everyone's getting credit for their photos & work - yourself included!

    • DiscusEden
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      Phractocephalus hemioliopterus are NOT legal imports to Australia as of 20/10/2013:
      however they may have been on previous import lists, have entered Australia prior to the implementation of import lists, or been misidentified on importation.

      The IUCN Red List reports Phractocephalus hemioliopterus as a species which has not yet been assessed at 20/10/2013:

      It is very important not to release any aquarium specimens into our waterways. Any that are not sold or re-homed/ given away, can often be re-sold to aquarium stores. If they are homed in ponds, care should be taken that they cannot escape in run-off into our waterways. Even if fish are native & local they should not be moved from one waterway to another, as this can transfer disease. If they are not local fish, they can both spread disease and either out-compete or eat local fish, shrimp & plants, causing their demise.
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