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Thread: Suggestions for lighting with my 6 by 2 by 2 foot tank

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    Default Suggestions for lighting with my 6 by 2 by 2 foot tank

    Hello All, this is my first post on this forum!

    I have been out of the hobby for a few years, and have come crashing back in to it. My previous experience was with a very simple low tech Aquaone set-up years ago, but I have always wanted a well planted amazonian biotope style tank...(I am mad about rams and apistos)...

    ...I have done something slightly crazy and purchased a 6 foot Red Sea Reefer, and am now a bit scared!

    I have been reading a lot about LEDs in planted tanks and have been going round and around in circles with this.

    The planting I am hoping for is a little ground cover (?Bellem Hair grass and/or Micranthemum Monte Carlo), mosses on the wood, etc. I expect I will need at least some sections with soil, and CO2.

    I really like the idea of having a lighting system where I can tweak the wavelengths/spectrum delivered. The LFS recommends 3 of the AI Hydra 26 they stock, which is a lot of $$ and I am wondering if it is over kill. I have checked out MML but they don't seem to have anything appropriate for a 6 foot tank?

    I would really appreciate advice from the experts on this forum.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Could you be swayed to stick to plants without having a carpet? Unless you have long arms, 2 foot tanks are very annoying to maintain a carpet.

    Whats your lighting budget? Will the light be hidden under a hood?

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    Hello Rebel. Thanks for your quick reply.

    Yes I could definitely be swayed. (I suppose the sort of look I was aiming was like "twisted amazon" look in the high tech gallery).

    Re budget...well, I have already blown the budget with the tank/sump/cabinet itself, so the flood gates have opened! I'm prepared to spend reasonable $ if it's really worth it but didn't want to be dudded by the LFS (they have been helpful so far, but they know they have a newbie on the hook, so to speak!) I don't want to be battling against inadequate lighting down the track, (but could certainly be happy without carpet)...

    No there won't be a hood. I would suspend the lighting over the tank (with brackets ie. not from the ceiling).

    What are your thoughts Rebel?

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    Check out the Chihiros WRGB. You can control all four colors from your phone and set your own lighting schedule. I have one and it is brilliant.

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    Oh great tuna. That looks like a much more financially acceptable option!

    So, for the least technical question imaginable when discussing aquarium lighting... if you have a 180cm tank, how long should your lighting panel be?! From my quick look now it seems the Chirihos WRGB goes up to 120cm. I would have thought this would be too short for a tank this long??

    Also, the tank will have an open top. Is the chirihos very water resistant? And would I need to add a heat sink and fan, or is this only if there is a hood?

    Finally, what would you expect the life expectancy to be for your chirohos?

    Thanks for all the advice so far!

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    Chihiros WRGB is meant to be good also. Get 2 90cm ones. Never buy 180cm lights; you will never sell them again.

    Other considerations are AI prime freshwater. You will need at least 3. 4 might be optimum. AI hydra is not suitable as it's not freshwater.

    Newer Kessils are also meant to be good (no complete control with colour tho) but will be $$.

    Look into ONF one also but $$$$. But it's so sleek like the star ship enterprise.

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    Wow, they do look like the star ship enterprise!...

    ...but seem to be going for around the same price as the star ship enterprise (albeit the floor model)!

    Thanks for the tip re 90cm lights Rebel.

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    Oh, another thought...if I should be looking for 90cm options, I guess that means MML is an option...

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