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Thread: Dimensions for lily/filter pipes

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    Default Dimensions for lily/filter pipes

    Hi all.

    I am in the process of sourcing all the bits for my new 120x50x50cm. It has 5cm eurobracing as a compromise between open top and lids to try and keep my shrimp/fish from jumping while still having an open top. So this bracing plus the glass thickness makes 58mm I need to clear with filter drain and return pipes. I'm having a hard time getting hold of the dimensions of the glass/stainless filter pipes for sale on eBay etc as all the sellers are agents and don't actually have the items in front of them to measure.

    Has anyone here bought 17mm filter pipes with a surface skimmer on the inlet side (glass or stainless, I don't mind), and if so, could you please measure the inside of the bend for me so I can work out what generic Chinese pipes will work for me?

    In particular, I'm pretty keen on these ones:

    Anyone have them?

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    Check whether @Doylecolmdoyle has similar pipes?

    I have the Borneo wild type for 17mm so can measure if you like but won't be the same.

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