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Thread: Removal of Siamensis - any ideas?

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    Default Removal of Siamensis - any ideas?

    Im looking for help, tips or stories (good & bad) on how people removed their SAE from there planted tanks. I've tried with food & nets but I'm a tad slow compated to them. I'm hoping to catch them without having to remove plants/wood/rocks as the tank is finally looking good. The SAE are starting to up root my foreground plants and I believe much on the tails of my natives. They are a good fat 4 inches long.


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    I have been successful with overfilling my tank and they jump out!

    Otherwise, late at night wait until they are sleeping, two nets and coax them out.

    I've been successful with training them to come to the front for feeding and then having the net in there for a few days and wham-bam!

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    When I caught mine (3) after I saw one with a shrimp halfway down its throat they were just too greedy for their own good. Used a frozen worm cube as bait and they just swam into the net. I was using two largish nets which made it easy.

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    Cheers Rebel & godiscus.
    They are the first to come for food but ill try feeding for a while with the net in the tank. If no good the night approach.

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