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Thread: Semi Automatic Water Changer (no reload required!)

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    Wink Semi Automatic Water Changer (no reload required!)

    Hey guys,

    Being in the hobby for a few years now on and off I have always let out a great big sigh when it comes to water changes. The hoses, the buckets, siphoning by mouth (or swallowing fish water). And it is an even bigger PITA when you are using RO water as your replacement water.

    Now I don't like throwing used fishwater down the laundry sink but I also don't like being Popeye and running dozens of buckets through the hallway, spilling along the way and having to deal with the minister of war and finance about the wet floors.

    If any of these problems sound familiar I may have a solution

    Let's rip the bandaid off and show the finished product first:

    All of the following components were purchased at bunnings:

    Pope Micro Control Fan Spray
    Holman 15mm PVC Solvent Weld Ball Valve
    GARDENA 13mm Universal Tap Nut Adaptor
    Holman 15mm x 1 / 2" PVC Faucet Tee
    Holman 15mm x 1 / 2" Female Iron Adaptor
    Holman 15mm x 1m Class 18 PVC Pipe
    Philmac 3/4 x 1/2 BSP Threaded Red BSP Nipple Pipe
    Garden Rain 3/4 x 1/2" Poly Irrigation Reduced Nipple
    Holman 15mm 90 PVC Elbow
    Holman 15mm PVC Coupling

    I already had PVC glue, thread tape and a hacksaw, you will need this for this DIY

    Components here:

    So first of we take the two 90 degree 15mm elbows, we then measure which was 40mm in total for me and take our 1 metre piece of 15mm pipe and cut 40mm off. This is going to be used to join our two elbows like below:

    Then we add the T piece ensuring the T pipe is pointing outwards, not inwards. The same method applies here with cutting our 15mm PVC pipe so it can be glued to our 90 degree elbow. While you're at it, you can glue the ball value below the T piece the same method we have used so far. You should have something like this:

    Now we cut to size around about 30-40cm to attach to the otherside of our U shape, i forgot to take a photo of this step but it is the the elbow bend which does not have the ball valve connected to it (use final shot as reference)

    Once this piece is in we attach our adaptor and coupling like so:

    From here you apply thread tape to your remaining two male reducing threads (they are the black ones) and attach one to the T piece and one on the long pipe with thread attachment. You can then add the Pope micro spray attachement onto the T piece and the garden tap adapter to the long PVC end.


    So, how the bloody hell does it work.... You should have some remaining 15mm PVC pipe and we don't always want to do the exact same amount of water change depending on what needs to be done, so i cut my remaining pipe into various sizes which can be pushed onto the ball valve giving me my "tank drain depth" if you are worried about fish getting caught i recommend some stocking and a rubber band on the inlet side as a precaution.

    Once ready to go ensure the microsprayer flow control is off and ensure the ball value is open.

    Siphon until water stops to bottom of set pipe

    close ball valve and open hose sprayer.

    This is where the magic works for me. I hook a garden tap up to a submersible pump which sits in my RO water drum and attach the hose to the long piece of the PVC pipe where we placed our garden adapter fitting.

    Turn the pump on and sit back and relax, the microspayer won't have the pressure to shred your plants or mess up you gravel or soil, even when it is under water. It takes time, but it is much better then standing there with a hose like I normally do every weekend!
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