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Thread: Looking to buy food what are you using?

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    Default Looking to buy food what are you using?

    Hi I was using sera and it's finished was using nls before that mainly Thera A
    But there are so many brands out there now plz help me in the right direction looking to get a bucket small to medium sinking pellet thank you for any and all suggestions

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    I always use NLS.

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    I try to buy in bulk and mix it up with different foods daily. There are often good online offers eg techden.

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    What sort of fish are you feeding?

    Look for a fish food that does not have cereals or grains in because fish never evolved to eat grains and can't digest them. If you have to buy fish food with cereals, grains, binders in, make sure they are listed at the end of the ingredients.
    eg: Fish meal, prawn meal, kelp meal, grains, vitamins.

    The cheaper foods also use fish products, which can be anything from the fish including bones.

    Fish, prawn and other marine meats should make up the main ingredients of any fish food for predatory fishes. Algae should make up the main ingredients for vegetarian fishes.

    If you are buying food in bulk, separate it into smaller amounts when you get it and use ziplock bags to store it in. Put most of it in ziplock bags and keep it in a cool dry place. Fish food absorbs moisture from the air very quickly and this can cause the nutritional value to drop rapidly if the food is exposed to the air and absorbs moisture. Good food will be dry and crumbly. Food that has absorbed moisture will be soft and squishy.

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    I also use new life spectrum. I have the flake variety and small fish formula 0.5mm pellets since i have smaller fish.

    I also have omega one flake food. This is very popular in America and now it seems to be showing up a lot of places in Australia including eBay.

    Usually once or twice a week i feed frozen brine shrimp. The brand is Artemia and i get it from my LFS.

    I mix it up and feed different things every week.

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