Someone in a shop a help out at brought in a what they thought had been bass they caught themselves because they wanted to get rid of them because they couldn't get them to eat. Unfortunately, I think one might be a Macquarie Perch, while the other looks more like a EP (I really struggle to tell the difference when they are small).

Anyway no one wanted them, and me not wanting them to release the fish back after being in a aquarium with other fish, I decided to take them. One of them was sick with pop eye and anchor worm. I'm medicating them and it's getting better.

Now my issue is, I cannot for the life of me get them to eat. I've tried worms, crickets, Australian Smelt and no luck. I decided to add 2 spangled perch to see if they will copy them and eat. All that has happened is, the little spangled perch smash any live food, including crickets that are the same size as them.

Does anyone have a suggestion on getting them to eat?

Before anyone says anything about the Macquarie Perch, I know it's protected and at the time I didn't know it was a Macquarie Perch. But like a said I'm sort of stuck with them.