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Thread: FS: Rainbows, Angels, Corydora!

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    Default FS: Rainbows, Angels, Corydora!

    Hello, clearing out the 4ft to make space for new fish!

    Bear with me, I am bad at identifying them.

    There appears to be 7 red rainbowfish, 6 adults and 1 slightly smaller.

    1 rainbow with an orange tinge?

    1 bosemani

    1 blue rainbow, appears to be blind in both eyes but eats fine. Free with purchase of the other rainbows as he schools with them.

    2 albino corydoras

    2 Zebra angelfish

    PM me what you want for them, have no clue how to price these guys.

    Pick up from 2166

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    The red rainbowfish are male Glossolepis incisus from New Guinea. Female G. incisus are a bronze colour.

    The blue and yellow rainbowfish is a male Melanotaenia boesemani from New Guinea, females are silverish.

    If you post a picture of the blue rainbowfish I will ID it for you but the most common blue rainbowfish is Melanotaenia praecox or M. lacustris.

    Need a pic of the rainbowfish with the orange tinge to ID it.

    There is more info at the following link about rainbowfish and identifying them.

    If you pop into your local petshop they should have those fish in stock and you can get a rough price off their tank. Sell them for less than the shops do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin_T View Post

    Need a pic of the rainbowfish with the orange tinge to ID it.
    There you are colin, you are a wealth of knowledge!

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    Some prices:

    The whole lot of rainbowfish $70

    Corydora $5 each

    Angels $5 each

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    The red pic in post #3 is a male Glossolepis incicus.
    In the top right of the same pic is the back half of a bronze/grey fish, that looks like a female G. incisus

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    Sold!! thanks everyone!

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