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Thread: *RARE* 10x Aponogeton Madagascar lace plants *Henkelianus*

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    Cool *RARE* 10x Aponogeton Madagascar lace plants *Henkelianus*

    Hello Guys,

    Hope everyone is doing well,
    Here is the chance to get your hands on *The most wanted plant in the aquatic hobby*, @ a super low price and and high numbers.
    At the moment, i have more than i can handle and i happy to sell some of my pups.

    Selling few weeks old, extra small tiny Aponogeton Madagascar Lace plant *Henkelianus* pups.
    Picture 1 & 2 are the plants for sale.
    (Pictures 3 and after are bigger plants to show you the real beauty of this extremely rare plant.)
    This lace plant propagates by flowering purple 4 or 5 spoke flowers with an unique smell.
    This variety is self fertilising and each flower will result in a high number of seeds that will drop to the tank bottom and more plants will grow out of them.

    Price is $120 for 10x plants
    The plants are about 1cm tall. As pictured in pic 1&2.

    pick up in Adelaide available
    Can ship to allowed states for $11 express (Successfully shipped pups interstate multiple times before)

    few pics of the monther plants.

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