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Thread: First foray into planted tank 60*45*45

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    Ended up getting another 13 black neons to bring it to 22 in total. Also got 10 crs which I hope will survive as the guy at the lfs gave me an odd look! Tank is heavily planted though so fingers crossed

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    Tetras are out and about now, will see how feeding goes. I'm going to try brine shrimp and see if they take it.

    Found a jumper this morning, and one dead shrimp so not great but that's life (and death) I suppose.

    Haven't managed to sight any of the remaining 9 RCS though, so hopefully they are just hiding somewhere in the plants and not in the stomachs of the black neons :/

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    I'd be looking for shrimp activity morning and night just to put my mind at ease. Good luck with the shrimp and I hope you find them alive and happy

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    Shrimp are still around, but only ever see one or two at a time.

    Another jumper yesterday.

    Still no major improvements with algae so going to turn light intensity down and see what happens.

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    10 crs wont make a dent in algae. If you had 200 then yes. Similar with cherries.

    DAE will be more efficient.

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    Hopefully they can breed in there but if not, i've found siphoning the best way to battle the brown hair algae (toothbrush is only really useful for dislodging it from plants)

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    Well...long time no report.

    Back from a 2 week holiday and came back to a bit of a green hair algae outbreak. Once again trying to get it under control.

    Tank hasn't quite gone off as I had expected it too. Plants aren't looking 100% so I'm going to try and crank up the co2.

    Interestingly the tetras have been spawning, I now have 4 fry that are 0.5-0.7cm size and comfortable swimming.

    Even more interestingly I cleaned out one of my filters for the first time today and found 4 tetras inside the filter

    I'm running a surface skimmer so I have no idea how they got there or how long they've been in there (I would say at least 2 weeks!). They look pretty ratty and maybe one might not make it but the others have already started to color back up. It's difficult to keep tabs on numbers but I knew a few were missing - I just assumed they had died and were unrecoverable in a planted tank.

    Thinking about getting otos soon, but wonder if this will disturb the spawning (I'm interested to see how big of a school I could get)!

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