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Thread: My DIY Wabi Kusa attempt.

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    Default My DIY Wabi Kusa attempt.

    Hi guys haven't posted here for ages so I thought I'd share a recent experiment with you.

    I've long been fascinated with the wabi kusa scene, especially being able to quickly and easily plant aquariums with fiddly species.

    I decided to give it a crack on my own and see if I could make a suitable alternative to the expensive store bought ones.

    Here is how I made mine.

    First I put down a layer of sphagnum moss and put a decent size rock (to weigh it down under water) and a little bit of charcoal to try to keep the environment healthier.

    Then I put a layer of sphagnum moss on top.

    After that I wrapped it tightly with 8lb fishing line.

    I then took some Monte Carlo (thanks Rebel!) and cut it up.

    I then spread it over the wabi kusa ball.

    And wrapped it with the same 8lb fishing line.

    Here is one I did with glosso. I planted glosso as normal.

    Here they are one month later.

    I mist twice weekly with dilute dinosaur pee.
    The stand they are on is made from scrap wood, with the shelf supports cut with a 10 degree angle on top. I have hose with holes in it connected to a small power head to supply water to keep them moist.

    I am planning on exploring with other plants in the near future. I currently have a few small NLJF and one crypt starting to grow which i found as a root in some plants I got. It only has two tiny leaves at the moment. Once it gets a bit bigger I plan on moving it into my emmersed set up.

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    Your DIY Wabi Kusa looks really good! Could you share a few photos of your setup?

    Instead of stones and charcoal you can add Aqua Soil and grow, for example Crypts and Echinodorus. Emersed Wabi Kusa are especially good for bare bottom tanks, or tanks with inert substrate.

    Here is my attempt

    I use the same technique as you, but instead of fishing line - nylon thread.
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    Superb work. You are getting excellent growth and the temperatues of the season should help also.

    Whats the ultimate plan for these? Will you put themin a tank? If so, be careful that the peat doesnt decompose and make a mess.

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