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Thread: Whitespot?

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    Since whitespot has killed all the fish in one of the tanks, I've just cleaned it all out and washed the sand with boiling water (if that doesn't kill the cysts, idk what will). One of the tanks hasn't had any fish in weeks, so it's unlikely that any cysts remain. Regardless, nuking the sand is fun

    The fish are undergoing the Relocation Method, and are doing okay for now.

    The shrimp are safe and sound in another tank.

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    I collected some fish today and one of them has white spots on its fins

    It might be whitespot (in which case I'll try my best to keep the fish alive), but mussels are also found in the same creek.

    I hope what the fish has is mussel larvae, not whitespot, but how do I differentiate the two?

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    Do you need to differentiate? A quarantine tank that undergoes a copper based treatment with new arrivals should save you a lot of effort.
    Chris -my tank

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