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Thread: Upgrading the Lighting for an Aqua One 850

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    Default Upgrading the Lighting for an Aqua One 850

    Hi All,

    We have just restarted our Aqua One 850 after many, many months of neglect. I am considering upgrading the current T8 fluorescent tube lighting to LED lighting. Has anyone done this in the past? And what advice would you recommend for LED lighting systems?


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    I did it but only do it if it's worth your while. I really disliked that tank as the filter box shaded the light from shining in the back half. The plants would lean forward constantly. The middle brace meant that it was almost impossible to catch fish and adjust things easily.

    I would consider getting a new tank if you wish to grow plants and do some scaping etc.

    If you do go ahead, pay careful attention to moisture and heat management of any LED lights as mine got killed by excessive heat or moisture. This can be dealt with by installing 12V PC fans but mine weren't powerful enough I suppose.

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    I Upgraded My t8 to leds using Make my leds, very easy to do. I used 3 of them however over the duration of at least a year and due to moisture two of them burnt out. I do however have one tube under the perspect cover and have had no problems with heat. It doesn't matter what led system you do with all leds will perish with heat and moisture. Also remember that the higher to W on the led chips the hotter they will get. Aqua one Bring out T8 led tube that incorporate the 5730 led chips, which give off decent light but will run cooler that the make my led tubes which incorporate 3W diodes. Ill post a pic of the tank tomorrow. if you want to use t8 led tubes you could buy the battens with cords and stagger them in the canopy, or you could do led PL tubes.

    you have to think about if you want full control over your lighting by either dimming or simply switching them off by switches. (like you can currently) this is help you decide on what route to take. make my led tubes have good penetration for high light tanks, but that doesn't mean that others sources of light won't be just as good.

    here is a pic of my 850 with one make my led tube. Most are low light plants and no ferts. I have Lilly's in there as well that just grow like weeds, but i keeps down those nitrates.

    I posted a photo in this thread it shows the one tube im running.
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